How To Buy a Car in Utah

How To Buy a Car in Utah

Many steps to buying a used car in Utah are the same as for any other state. Utah has a few unique rules. This handy guide will make things easier.

Step 1 - Research the Car’s History

The car’s history can tell you a lot about its value.

  • Maintenance records.
  • Reported stolen.
  • Accidents/total loss.

A history report from AutoCheck gives the best value for the money.

Step 2 - Test Drive the Car

Skip the never-ending calls, emails, and texts when you arrange a test drive. The PrivateAuto test drive scheduling tool puts an end to all that.

Just choose a time and meet the seller at the assigned location.

Step 3 - Get an Inspection

A vehicle inspection can uncover hidden mechanical problems.

Use the PrivateAuto inspection scheduler to book an inspection with a local ASE certified mechanic.

Step 4 - Get the Paperwork

Certificate of Title

Complete the Assignment of Title section on the back of the certificate.

  • Your name and address.
  • Date of sale.
  • Selling price.
  • Odometer disclosure.
  • Your signature
  • Seller signature.

Bill of Sale

Utah doesn’t require a bill of sale. Yet the Utah DMV recommends that you get one from the seller. It’s a record of the price you paid to calculate taxes.

When you buy from a PrivateAuto seller, you get an electronic bill of sale form. You can fill it out and sign right in the app.

Step 5 - Complete the Sale

A few items of business remain:

  • Pay sales tax.
  • Register the car.
  • Get a temporary permit until your new plates arrive.
  • Request a new title.


PrivateAuto makes it easy to buy a used car in Utah.

  • Test drive and inspection scheduling tools.
  • Communicate without sharing your private info.
  • Verifies seller ID so you can avoid scams.
  • Ready-to-sign state-specific documents.