Is Zelle Safe for Selling a Car?

Zelle is a bank-to-bank money transfer tech that works great for smaller transactions. For selling a car, not so much. There’s a much better way to get paid for your vehicle.
We’ll show you a payment method that’s ideal for large vehicle transactions; it offers speed, convenience, security, and no transfer limits.

What is Zelle?

Zelle is a digital payment service that uses an API-based infrastructure to connect banks—and bank accounts—for peer-to-peer money transfers. Individual financial institutions must opt into the network in order for their customers to use Zelle. Most major banks are integrated with Zelle.
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What are the Advantages of Zelle?

Zelle is awesome for small transfers. It’s fast, free, and fairly easy to navigate.

The interface is not as intuitive as, say, Venmo, but it’s not terrible. You’ll be able to figure it out without too much effort.

Because it integrates with most major banks, chances are that your buyer will have access to Zelle.

With these things going for it, why are we steering you clear of Zelle for car transactions?

What are the Disadvantages of Zelle?

Zelle fails as a viable method of getting paid for your car because the platform does not handle large transactions.

Zelle throttles the amount of funds that can be exchanged in a single transaction. These limits are often set by individual banks that integrate with Zelle but are usually set to $5,000 or lower. That’s just not going to cut it for your $38K Silverado.

There are a couple of other complaints we have with Zelle, but these are fairly minor in comparison.

Speed: Zelle transfers usually complete within a few minutes, but not always. Better than a bank wire, to be sure, but what if there were an alternative that gets the money to you instantly, every time?
Inconvenience: Zelle requires the buyer to log into their bank, find the Zelle option, and look you up (which also means that you’ll give them your phone number or email address). Not as inconvenient as a cashier’s check, but we’ve got something much smoother.

Frustrated with the limitations of Zelle, PayPal, cash, check, ACH, and other payment methods, we created a much better way to transfer large sums in a private-party vehicle transaction.

Introducing PrivateAuto Pay

Say goodbye to unwieldy payments. PrivateAuto Pay is the only safe, instantaneous, convenient, and contactless payment option for used car transactions over $5,000.

After trying it, you'll never want to sell a car without it. Here's what makes it so awesome.

No limits. Receive payments of up to $1M from the buyer’s PrivateAuto Pay account to yours, instantly.
Easy. The buyer releases funds to you—after both of you have electronically signed the bill of sale—with the tap of a finger.
Free. Like Zelle, PrivateAuto Pay has no transfer fees. It’s free to PrivateAuto users.
Instant. There’s zero lag time from the seller authorizing payment to you receiving funds.
Real-time deals—no waiting or coordination. Close the deal when you meet for the test drive.
Funds are irreversible: you get the funds instantly, and you own them. The buyer has no control over them after releasing them to you.
Receive payment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; PrivateAuto Pay never sleeps.
No exchange of contact information or banking info—your sensitive info stays safe, protecting you from scammers.
Secure payments. Encrypted data protects you from hackers.
Self-service safeguards eliminate the need for an escrow service.
You can even sell to a remote buyer with our escrow-like protections.
Your PrivateAuto Pay account is an FDIC-insured bank account you own, accessed via your PrivateAuto dashboard.
Easily move money from your regular bank account to your PrivateAuto Pay account and vice versa.

PrivateAuto Pay serves users of PrivateAuto’s transactional marketplace, and now we’ve made it available to anyone selling a car online. Our DealNow fast-track solution lets you get the deal done, even if you listed your car on another site such as Craigslist or eBay Motors.

Simply create a deal room in DealNow, invite your buyer, and enjoy PrivateAuto’s transactional workflow. We give you secure messaging, test drive scheduling, electronic docu-signing, and instant payments via PrivateAuto Pay.

Learn more or start a DealNow.
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Sell Your Car on PrivateAuto

Ready to sell your car? It's easy. Here’s how the PrivateAuto selling process works:

1. Create an account on PrivateAuto.
2. List your car with our easy, step-by-step guided process.
3. Set your pricing and terms and screen would-be buyers.
4. Vet incoming offers and choose a buyer.
5. Meet the buyer for a test drive.
5. You and the buyer e-sign documents from your PrivateAuto mobile app.
6. Get paid instantly.
7. Sign the car title and hand over the keys

So easy.
Looking to buy a car? Shop used cars for sale by owner and find the ride of your dreams today!

Zelle FAQ

Is Zelle risky as a seller?

Zelle's great for splitting the bill with friends, but its low transaction limits make it unviable for large transactions such as a car sale.

So avoid the hassle and headaches. Use PrivateAuto Pay to get paid for your car.

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