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How Much Do Utah License Plates Cost?

When you buy a used car in Utah, you’ll get new license plates when you register the vehicle. Standard Utah passenger vehicle plates cost $12.
Utah also has a variety of specialty and prestige plates to choose from, which cost more. Additional taxes and fees apply to both new and renewal registrations.

Let’s get into the details of license plate costs in the state of Utah.

The Cost of Utah License Plates

Utah passenger license plates cost $12 to $106, depending on what type of plates you choose.

Here are the options for Utah passenger vehicle plates:

Standard passenger plates
Personalized plates
Specialty plates
Disability plates

Additional registration fees apply ($76), as well as potentially other taxes and fees.

How Much are Standard License Plates in Utah?

Utah standard passenger vehicle plates cost $12.

There are three designs you can choose from:

1. In God We Trust
2. Life Elevated Skier
3. Life Elevated Arches

You can get new standard Utah license plates in the following scenarios:

Registering a car in your name
Replacing lost, damaged, or stolen plates
Downgrading from specialty plates to standard plates

For more info on Utah’s license plate types, visit the official Utah Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) page.

How Much are Personalized License Plates in Utah?

Want to make a statement? Personalized plates cost from $26 to $106, depending which plate design you are personalizing. These are also referred to as prestige or vanity plates, and they allow you to customize your ride with a unique letter and number combo.

When selecting the lettering for your custom Utah plate, there are some restrictions:

You are limited to five total characters and spaces
No special characters or punctuation can be used
Offensive or inappropriate words and phrases are prohibited

How Much are Utah Special Group License Plates?

Show some team spirit or support a cause with a specialty plate. You can sport a plate that supports your favorite Utah college, cause, or organization.

Utah specialty license plates cost between $17 to $26 in addition to the $76 registration fee.

Here are the available designs:

Amateur Radio
Autism Awareness
Boy Scouts of America
Boys and Girls Clubs
Cancer Research
Children’s Issues
Civil Air Patrol
Clean Fuel Clean Air
Collegiate Brigham Young University
Collegiate College of Eastern Utah
Collegiate Ensign College
Collegiate Salt Lake Community College
Collegiate Snow College
Collegiate Southern Utah University
Collegiate University of Utah (2 options available)
Collegiate Utah State University
Collegiate Utah Tech University
Collegiate Utah Valley University
Collegiate Weber State University
Collegiate Western Governors University
Collegiate Westminster College
Disabled Person
Disabled Veteran
Donate Life
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
Farm Vehicle
Former Prisoner of War (POW)
Fraternal Initiatic Order
Gold Star
Historic Black & White
Honoring Heroes
Humanitarian Service
Martin Luther King
National Basketball Association (NBA) Utah Jazz
National Guard
National Men’s Soccer Real Salt Lake
No More Homeless Pets
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Prostate Cancer Awareness
Public Education Support
Purple Heart/Combat Wounded
Search and Rescue Teams
Share the Road
Soil Conservation
Special Interest Vehicle
State Legislator
United State Congress
Utah Housing Opportunity
Utah Law Enforcement Memorial
Veterans Air Force
Veterans American Legion
Veterans Army
Veterans Coast Guard
Veterans Marines
Veterans Navy
Veteran Combat Theater Air Force Combat Action Medal
Veteran Combat Theater Army Combat Action Badge
Veteran Combat Theater Army Combat Infantry Badge
Veteran Combat Theater Marine & Navy Combat Action Ribbon
Vintage Vehicle
Wildlife Eagle
Wildlife Elk
Wildlife Kestrel
Wildlife Mule Deer
Wildlife Trout
Women’s Suffrage
Zion National Park
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How Much are Utah Disabled Plates and Placards?

Utah offers disability license plates and placards to accommodate residents with qualifying disabilities. These provide designated parking access and privileges.

Eligible applicants can get:

1. Disabled person license plates: $17
2. Disabled windshield placards: no fee

Here are the steps needed to get a disability placard or plates in Utah:

1. Get the Disabled Person and Physician Disability Certification form (TC-842) from the DMV office or website.
2. Have a licensed physician complete the medical certification section.
3. Submit the completed TC-842 to the DMV office or by mail.
4. The Utah DMV reviews and approves or denies applications.
5. Approved applicants receive disability plates or placards from the Utah DMV.

How Much are Commercial License Plates In Utah?

The cost for a Utah commercial license plate is between $50 and $320 depending on the age and weight of the vehicle. To find out how much license plates will cost for your specific commercial vehicle, it’s best to check with your local DMV office.

How Much are Motorcycle License Plates In Utah?

To determine the cost of motorcycle license plates in Utah, you would need to contact the Utah DMV, as fees can vary based on engine size and registration period. The DMV can confirm the precise fee including plates when registering your motorcycle.

How Much are Trailer License Plates In Utah?

The cost for a Utah trailer plate is between $10 and $175. The specific cost of your trailer license plate in Utah would need to be confirmed with the Utah DMV, as fees vary based on trailer specifics. Contact the DMV to find out the exact fee when registering your trailer.

How Much are RV Plates In Utah?

The cost for a Utah RV license plate is between $90 and $690. The Utah DMV can provide the current cost of a recreational vehicle (RV) license plate when you register, as fees depend on factors such as vehicles age and weight. Contact the DMV to find out your exact RV plate fee when registering your motorhome.

What do I do With Old License Plates in Utah?

When you sell your used car in Utah, you must dispose of your old plates properly.
Here are the options for old Utah plates:

1. Return: the DMV office will take back the old plates when issuing new ones. This is the safest option.
2. Recycle: remove any stickers and recycle the plate through local recycling.
3. Keep: some choose to save the old plates as memorabilia. Be sure to invalidate any active stickers first.
4. Transfer: In some cases, Utah allows you to put your old plates on another vehicle you own. Make sure to check with your DMV office for the proper paperwork for a plate transfer.

It’s always a good idea to deface your old license plates before returning or recycling them. This prevents someone else from illegally using it. Always remove registration stickers before disposing of your plate.

See our state-by-state guide to license plates to learn which states require removal from the vehicle and which states allow the plates to remain with the vehicle when it’s sold.

License Plate Trivia

Here are some interesting facts about Utah license plates:

Utah requires a front license plate in addition to the rear plate, unlike some states that require a rear plate only.
Passenger license plates measure 6 by 12 inches and are rectangular—in Utah and across the US.
Motorcycle license plates are a bit smaller, measuring 4 by 7 inches.
The Utah license plate has six characters. (Across the US, license plate formats range from 6 to 8 characters.)
Utah issues over 60 different specialty license plate designs.

How to Apply for Utah License Plates?

After purchasing a used car from a private seller in Utah, follow these steps to get new plates:

1. Gather required documents such as your title, insurance, and driver's license.
2. Visit your local DMV office in your county.
3. Pay applicable Utah registration fees, plate fees, and sales tax.
4. Receive your new Utah plates and registration from the DMV office.
5. Attach the new plates to the front and rear of your vehicle as Utah requires two plates.

How Much is a Title Transfer in Utah?

Transferring a vehicle's title in Utah is a two-part process.

1. The seller signs over the certificate of title after you pay them for the car.
2. You complete the title transfer at the county treasurer's office. At the same time, you apply for a new title, pay sales taxes and fees, complete the registration process, and apply for new license plates.

Once the seller has given you the signed vehicle title, you need to visit your local Utah DMV and submit the following:

A completed Application for Utah Title (Form TC-656)
A completed Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form TC-891)
Safety and/or Emissions Inspection certificate
Payment for title transfer fee: $6
Payment for Utah sales tax: 4.85% of vehicle’s purchase price

Read our complete guide to a Utah title transfer for more info on the subject.

How Much is Registration in Utah?

To register your vehicle at the Utah DMV office, you must show proof of insurance.

The first time you register a passenger car, you need to transfer ownership if you’ve just acquired it.

Here are the fees you may owe when you register a car in Utah. Note that you’ll owe a title transfer fee and Utah sales tax the first time you register a newly-purchased car, whereas the registration fee is due annually.

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License Plates FAQ

How much does a license plate transfer cost in Utah?

In Utah, a license plate replacement costs between $12 and $17, depending on the type of plate you had. If your license plate is stolen, damaged, or otherwise disappears, residents must replace it right away.

Visit your local Utah Department of Motor Vehicles office with:

1. The current car registration certificate.
2. Either your license plate number or vehicle identification number (VIN).
3. Proof of payment for:
Standard license plate: $12
Special group license plate: $17
License plate decal: $5

How long can you drive without plates in Utah?

How do I calculate vehicle sales tax in Utah?