Here are some useful tips for buying a car in Missouri.

Step 1 - Gather the Documents

Certificate of Title

Complete the Assignment of Title section by hand.

  • Buyer’s name and address.
  • Date of sale.
  • Vehicle model.
  • Odometer reading (cars 10 years old or more are exempt).
  • Hand-printed names and signatures (yours and the buyer’s).

If the odometer reading is not the actual miles, the seller must submit an Odometer Statement of Explanation (Form 1545).

Bill of Sale

Missouri requires that the seller notify the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) of the sale. He or she can submit a Notice of Sale (DOR-5049) (NOS) or Bill of Sale (DOR-1957) form.

You should request a bill of sale. It could protect you from legal and tax issues.

When you buy a car through PrivateAuto, the seller will have a bill of sale you can sign right from the app.

Safety Inspection and Emissions Inspection Certificates

A car more than 10 years old needs to pass a safety inspection at an authorized Missouri inspection station.

Some parts of Missouri also require an emissions inspection.

  • St. Louis City.
  • St. Louis County.
  • St. Charles County.
  • Franklin County.
  • Jefferson County.

Make sure the seller gives you a certificate that is less than 60 days old.

Step 2 - Get a Vehicle History Report

PrivateAuto now partners with AutoCheck to provide you with a vehicle history report.

When you buy through PrivateAuto, some sellers may provide the AutoCheck report.

Step 3 - Complete the Deal

You and the seller will need to go together to a Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) office to finalize the sale. You’ll need to provide:

  • Proof of insurance.
  • Photo ID.
  • Title completed on back.
  • Payment for fees.


When you buy a car in Missouri, PrivateAuto gives you everything you need to get the best deal. No one makes it easier.