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How Much Is a Georgia License Plate?

How Much Is a Georgia License Plate?

In the state of Georgia, license plate fees vary depending on the type of plate you choose. The fee for standard passenger vehicle registration is $20, which includes the cost of a standard license plate.

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Georgia license plate replacement fees

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Emissions testing

How much are Georgia's registration fees?

How do I register a car from out of state?

If you want a personalized plate, it will cost $55. Additional taxes and fees apply to both new and renewal registrations.

What Is the Process for Getting Georgia Plates?

Apply for license plates at your county’s tag office. You can find the tag office for your Georgia county here.

Here are the steps for getting new license plates from your county tag office.

  1. Gather the necessary documentation. You will need proof of vehicle ownership (certificate of title), proof of Georgia insurance, and a valid Georgia driver's license or ID card.
  2. Visit your local county tag office. This is where you will submit your documents and fill out the license plate application form.
  3. Get valid vehicle insurance. In Georgia, it is mandatory to have valid vehicle insurance to register a vehicle.
  4. Register the vehicle with the Georgia Department of Revenue, County Tags Office. This involves submitting the necessary documents, such as proof of ownership, a Georgia driver's license, and proof of insurance, and paying the applicable registration fee.
  5. Fill out the application for a license plate. Make sure to carefully read the instructions and complete the form completely and accurately.
  6. Pay the applicable fees. You must pay a one-time manufacturing fee as well as an annual registration fee. The fees will vary depending on the type of vehicle, its weight, and its intended use.
  7. Receive a temporary operating permit. After you pay the fees, you will be given a temporary operating permit that will allow you to legally drive your vehicle until your license plates arrive in the mail.
  8. Pick up the license plate. The license plate will be issued by the Georgia County Tag Office, as indicated on the vehicle registration documents.
  9. Attach your license plates to your vehicle. The license plate must be installed on the rear of the vehicle, and it must be clearly visible from at least 50 feet away.

Passenger vehicles must display a license plate on the rear, and commercial vehicles are required to display it on the front.

Every state in the US requires a rear license plate. While some states require rear plates only, other states require a front license plate in addition to the rear plate.

The Cost of License Plates in Georgia

Georgia has different types of license plates for different vehicle classes: passenger license plates, commercial vehicle plates, special license plates, trailer plates, and motorcycle plates.

Person holding a brown leather wallet with money inside.

The state also allows drivers to choose from a standard, specialty, or prestige plate.

License plates measure 6 by 12 inches and are rectangular (motorcycle license plates are smaller, measuring 4 by 7 inches).

The Georgia license plate has seven characters (across the 50 states, license plates have anywhere from six to eight characters).

How Much is a Standard License Plate in Georgia?

Your $20 Georgia registration fee has the standard license plate cost built in.

Standard license plates are issued in any of the following scenarios:

  • the replacement of special interest license plates with standard plates
  • Purchase of a used vehicle from a private seller
  • Purchase of a new or used vehicle from a dealer
  • Replacing damaged or stolen license plates

Georgia Prestige Plate

A prestige license plate, also known as a vanity or personalized plate, gives you the freedom to express your personality on the road by selecting any combination of letters and numbers that is legal in Georgia (see below for criteria).

A prestige plate costs $55 in addition to the $20 registration fee. The $55 breaks down into a $35 manufacturing fee and a $20 tag fee. You can only apply in person at your local county tag office.

Here is what you will submit to apply for a prestige plate:

  1. Completed special prestige license plate application (form MV-9B)
  2. $55 payment

There are some limitations on prestige license plates in Georgia. You're limited to seven characters. While you can mix and match letters and numbers to your heart's content, you can't include any punctuation or special characters.

Anything offensive or inappropriate is not permitted. Also, no references to illegal activities or substances are permitted on your personalized plate. Finally, make sure to choose something original—no imitating!

The Georgia MVD will review and approve your prestige license plate application after you submit it. If your application does not follow the guidelines, or if the combination of characters is already in use, the MVD will reject it.

Georgia Specialty Plate

Georgia lets you show your support for a cause or organization through a specialty license plate. From supporting military troops to showcasing your love for history, there is a specialty plate to fit your interests.

Georgia offers two categories of specialty license plates:

  1. Non-revenue sharing plates are available from sponsors who are ineligible for revenue sharing, meaning they have not had a bill passed authorizing revenue sharing.
  2. Revenue sharing plates, on the other hand, are available to sponsors who have had a legislative bill passed. With revenue sharing plates, revenue from registration and renewal fees in Georgia can be shared with a valid non-profit organization that sponsors the plate.

Here are the specialty designs Georgia has to offer:


  • Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc: $25
  • Kappa Alpha Psi: $35
  • Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc: $35
  • Phi BetaSigma: $35


  • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc: $25
  • Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc: $35


  • Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College: $20
  • Albany State University: $25
  • Armstrong Atlantic State University: $20
  • Augusta University: $25
  • Berry College: $25
  • Clark Atlanta University: $25
  • Columbus State University: $25
  • Emory University: $25
  • Fort Valley State University: $25
  • Georgia Institute of Technology: $25
  • Georgia Southern University: $25
  • Georgia State University: $25
  • Kennesaw State University: $25
  • LaGrange College: $20
  • Mercer University: $25
  • Morehouse: $25
  • Morris Brown College: $25
  • Savannah College of Art and Design: $20
  • Savannah State University: $25
  • Spelman College: $25
  • University of Georgia: $25
  • University of North Georgia: $25
  • Valdosta State University: $25


  • AKA-Atlanta Chapter: $25
  • Appalachian Trail Conservancy of Georgia: $25
  • Atlanta Braves Foundation: $25
  • Atlanta Clemson Club: $25
  • Atlanta Gator Club: $25
  • Atlanta Ole Miss Alumni Association: $25
  • Atlanta Tuskegee Alumni Club Inc: $25
  • Auburn Club: $25
  • Georgia Association of Realtors: $25
  • Georgia Beekeepers Association: $25
  • Georgia Equine Industry: $25
  • Georgia Forestry Foundation: $25
  • Georgia Masonic Charities Foundation Inc: $25
  • Georgia Nurses Foundation: $25
  • Georgia Pet Foundation: $25
  • Georgia PGA Foundation: $25
  • Historic Preservation Efforts in GA: $35
  • LSU alumni association- Atlanta Chapter: $35
  • NASCAR: $35
  • Prince Hall Grand Lodge: $50
  • Rotary International: $25


  • BlazeSports America: $25
  • Breast Cancer Awareness: $25
  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta: $25
  • EarthEcho-Protect Wild Dolphins: $25
  • Fight Against Cancer: $25
  • Georgia Aquarium: $25
  • Georgia Sea Turtle Center-Jekyll Island: $50
  • Joanna Tag - Pediatric Cancer Research: $25
  • Marine Habitat: $25
  • Public Safety First Responder: $25
  • Share the Road Bicycle Safety: $25
  • Sickle Cell Foundation: $25
  • Support Agriculture in Georgia: $25
  • Support our Troops: $25
  • Bobwhite Quail Restoration: $25
  • Butterfly: $25


  • Certified Firefighters: $25
  • Georgia DNR Law Enforcement Plate: $25
  • Georgia Emergency Medical Technicians: $25
  • Honor Educators: $25
  • Low Speed Vehicle: $20
  • Sons of Confederate Veterans: $25
  • Taxi: $20
  • Thank a Lineman: $25

National Guard and US Reserve

  • National Guard (active or retired): no additional fee
  • Reserve Air Force: no additional fee
  • Reserve Army: no additional fee
  • Reserve Coast Guard: no additional fee
  • Reserve Marine: no additional fee
  • Reserve Navy: no additional fee
  • US Army Ranger: $25
  • Alternative fuel: $20
  • Retired Legislators (Emeritus): $25

Military Plate

A Georgia military license plate cost is included in the $20 price of your initial registration fee. The Georgia General Assembly has designated a number of special license plates to honor individuals who have served or are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Georgia Military License Plate

You must provide proof that you have served or are currently serving in a branch of the United States Armed Forces in order to get a veteran's plate.

The following are examples of acceptable proof of service:  

  • Copies of discharge papers (DD form 214)
  • Completed form MV-9W

Here are the available military designs:

Air force

  • Air force Cross
  • Air Medal
  • Bronze Star
  • Defense Distinguished Service Medal
  • Defense Superior Service Medal
  • Desert Storm
  • Distinguished Flying Cross
  • Distinguished Service Medal
  • Global War on Terrorism
  • Homeland Security Service Medal
  • Korean War
  • Legion of Merit
  • Medal of Honor
  • Meritorious Service Medal
  • Purple Heart
  • Retired Air force
  • Silver Star
  • Veteran
  • Vietnam
  • War in Afghanistan
  • War in Iraq
  • Woman Veteran


  • Air Medal
  • Bronze Star
  • Defense Distinguished Service Medal
  • Defense Superior Service Medal
  • Desert Storm
  • Distinguished Flying Cross
  • Distinguished Service Cross
  • Distinguished Service Medal - US Army
  • Global War on Terrorism
  • Homeland Security Service Medal
  • Korean War
  • Legion of Merit
  • Medal of Honor
  • Purple Heart
  • Retired Army
  • Silver Star
  • Soldiers Medal
  • Veteran
  • Vietnam
  • War in Afghanistan
  • War in Iraq
  • Woman Veteran
  • World War II

Coast Guard

  • Air Medal
  • Bronze Star
  • Defense Distinguished Service Medal
  • Defense Superior Service Medal
  • Desert Storm
  • Distinguished Flying Cross
  • Distinguished Service Medal
  • Global War on Terrorism
  • Homeland Security Service Medal
  • Korean War
  • Legion of Merit
  • Medal of Honor
  • Meritorious Service Medal Coast Guard
  • Navy Cross US Coast Guard
  • Purple Heart
  • Retired Coast Guard
  • Silver Star
  • Veteran
  • Vietnam
  • War in Afghanistan
  • War in Iraq
  • Woman Veteran
  • World War II


  • Air Medal
  • Bronze Star
  • Defense Distinguished Service Medal
  • Defense Superior Service
  • Desert Storm U.S. Marine
  • Distinguished Flying Cross
  • Global War on Terrorism Marine
  • Homeland Security Service Medal Marine
  • Korean War U.S. Marine
  • Legion of Merit Marine
  • Medal of Honor Marine
  • Meritorious Service Medal Marine Corps
  • Navy Cross US Marine Corps
  • Purple Heart Marine
  • Retired Marine
  • Silver Star Marine
  • Veteran Marine
  • Vietnam Marine
  • War in Afghanistan Marine
  • War in Iraq Marine
  • Woman Veteran Marine Corps
  • World War II Marine


  • Air Medal
  • Bronze Star
  • Defense Distinguished Service Medal
  • Defense Superior Service Navy
  • Desert Storm Navy
  • Distinguished Flying Cross Navy
  • Distinguished Service Medal Navy
  • Global War on Terrorism Navy
  • Homeland Security Service Medal Navy
  • Korean War Navy
  • Legion of Merit Navy
  • Medal of Honor Navy
  • Navy Cross
  • Purple Heart Navy
  • Retired Navy
  • Silver Star Navy
  • Veteran Navy
  • Vietnam Navy
  • War in Afghanistan Navy
  • War in Iraq Navy
  • Woman Veteran Navy
  • World War II Navy

Disability Plates

Residents of Georgia who are disabled or have a disabled spouse, child, ward, or legal guardian can apply for a disabled license plate at their local county tag office.

You will need to provide the following to get a Georgia disability plate:

  • Completed tag and title application (form MV-1) (signed by a licensed doctor, stating the specific disability and the incapacity lasting over 180 days)
  • Completed disabled person’s parking affidavit (form MV-9D)
  • Payment for the annual $20 registration fee
  • Proof of emissions inspections
  • Proof of insurance

How to Order a Georgia License Plate

You can order a license plate in Georgia in person at a county tag office. Here are the steps for ordering license plates in Georgia:

  • Decide what type of license plate you want.
  • Visit your local county tag office to complete the necessary paperwork and pay the required fees.
  • Provide proof of ownership of the vehicle and proof of insurance.
  • Complete the tag and title application form or provide a renewal notice if applicable.
  • Provide any additional required documentation, such as proof of membership in an organization or proof of military service, if you are purchasing a specialty or personalized license plate.
  • Pay the applicable fees, which vary depending on the type of plate ordered.
  • Wait for your license plates to be issued. Depending on the type of plate you are getting, the processing time may vary.
  • Once your plates are ready, you will receive them by mail or you can pick them up in person at the county tag office.
  • Install your license plates on your vehicle as required by law.

Georgia License Plate Replacement Fees

Replacing a Georgia license plate costs $8.

To get a replacement, you'll have to request a duplicate in person at your local county tag office.

  1. Completed application for a replacement license plate and/or renewal decal (form MV-7).
  2. Copy of the police report
  3. Mutilated license plate or decal, if applicable.
  4. Completed affidavit of non-receipt of an original license plate renewal decal (form T-200) (if lost in the mail)
  5. Completed special prestige license plate application (form MV-9B) (if special prestige license plate)
  6. Payment for $8.00 for standard plates or $43.00 for prestige license plates

If the license plate or decal was lost in the mail prior to receipt and within 90 days of the issue date, the replacement fee may not apply.

Georgia Title Transfers

When purchasing a used car in Georgia, you will need to provide your local County Tag office with the following:

  • Valid Georgia driver’s license or ID card
  • the motor vehicle title/tag application (form MV-1)
  • Vehicle title
  • An emission inspection certificate
  • Proof of a valid GA auto insurance policy
  • Payment for the application fees:
  • Title transfer fee: $18
  • Registration fee: $20
  • Payment for Georgia sales tax of 7% (or ad valorem tax)

See our guide to transferring a Georgia car title for more information on the process.

Emissions Testing

In the state of Georgia, only the 13-county Atlanta Metropolitan Area requires enhanced vehicle emission testing on all gasoline-powered cars.

Car getting an emissions test.

The thirteen counties requiring emissions testing are:

  1. Clayton County
  2. Cherokee County
  3. Coweta County
  4. Cobb County
  5. Douglas County
  6. DeKalb County
  7. Fulton County
  8. Fayette County
  9. forsyth County
  10. Gwinnett County
  11. Henry County
  12. Paulding County
  13. Rockdale County

Exemptions: the following vehicle types are exempt from emissions testing requirements in the 13-county Atlanta metro area.

  • Cars with a gross vehicle weight rating of more than 8,500 pounds
  • Cars three model years old or newer
  • Antique or collector cars
  • Diesel cars

If you live in the 13-county Atlanta metro area and the car that you are buying does not meet any of these criteria, find an authorized emissions check station and proceed with the test.

For most cars, an emissions test costs $25.

Georgia Vehicle Registration

For passenger vehicles, registration costs $20. To apply for a Georgia license plate, you must have vehicle registration cards from the Georgia County Tag office. In Georgia, you can register your vehicle in person. To make things more efficient, title transfer and car registration are done simultaneously.

You will need to submit the following documents to your local county tag office:

  • A completed tag and title application (form MV-1)
  • Proof of a valid Georgia auto insurance policy
  • A valid GA driver’s license or state ID card
  • Proof of Georgia residency documentation, such as:
  • Lease or closing statement for your new residence
  • Utility bill
  • Shipper’s bill or truck rental agreement
  • Vehicle ownership
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Payment for vehicle registration: $20
  • Payment for any sales tax or ad valorem tax due

How to Register an Out of State Vehicle in Georgia?

“Individuals have 30 calendar days after establishing residency to register their vehicles. The out-of-state vehicle registration is no longer valid after the 30-day period. If you do not register your vehicle within 30 days, penalties and fines are assessed. New residents are required to pay a tag fee, a title fee, and a one-time title ad valorem tax (title tax) of 3%. The full amount is due upon titling any motor vehicle.” (“New Georgia Residents,” Georgia)

If you are a new Georgia resident or have purchased a vehicle out of state and are bringing it home to Georgia to register it, you’ll need to complete the following steps.

  • An active auto insurance policy that meets Georgia standards
  • Have a valid Georgia driver’s license
  • Complete a vehicle inspection
  • Out-of-state title or lienholder information (only if the title has a lien)
  • the current registration certification
  • Payment for the ad valorem tax of 3%

If you're thinking about buying an out-of-state vehicle from a private seller, read our guide to purchasing a vehicle remotely to see how PrivateAuto makes the process so much easier.

How to Check if a Car Has Georgia Back Fees?

Before buying a used car from a private seller, you should find out if there are any hidden fees. If it does, you could be responsible for them.

The first step is to get the seller's vehicle identification number (VIN). You can use the VIN to contact your local Georgia MVD office and request a title search. The Georgia MVD will be able to tell you if there are any unpaid fees associated with the car, such as a vehicle registration fee or unpaid parking tickets.

10 Easy Steps for Selling a Used Car with PrivateAuto

PrivateAuto makes selling your car in Georgia safe and easy. The sales process consists of a few simple steps:

  1. Gather the required documentation in the state of Georgia
  2. Create your PrivateAuto profile and get verified
  3. List the car
  4. Set your own terms
  5. Vet incoming offers
  6. Choose the buyer you like
  7. Schedule the meetup
  8. E-sign paperwork
  9. Get paid instantaneously with PrivateAuto Pay
  10. Transfer ownership
Sell your car privately with PrivateAuto

Georgia License Plates FAQ

How long does it take to get a Georgia license plate?

After your paperwork is processed, you should receive your registration within two to three weeks. If you haven't received your registration within 30 days, contact your county tag office.

Can you buy a car in Georgia without insurance?

You can buy a car in Georgia without insurance, but to register it in your name, you will need to get an insurance policy on it. Furthermore, driving an uninsured vehicle on Georgia's public roads is against the law and subject to fines or imprisonment.

What are the penalties for late registration in Georgia?

You will be fined $5 in addition to the registration fee if you do not renew your vehicle registration by the deadline. If you fail to pay sales tax or ad valorem tax on your vehicle on time, you will also face a 10% penalty on the unpaid tax amount.

Some Georgia counties do not send renewal notices as a courtesy to the owner, so make sure you know when your registration is due and renew it on time to avoid any late fees or penalties.

What is the purpose of the county name decal on Georgia license plates?

The county name decal indicates the county where the vehicle is registered and is issued by county tag offices.

What is the plate code for Georgia military veteran plates?

Georgia military veteran plates have the plate code "MV," which distinguishes them from other specialty license plates in Georgia. The plate code is a string of letters and/or numbers that identifies the type of license plate that has been issued.

Georgia military veteran plates with the plate code "MV" include Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine, and Navy plates. The Georgia Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Division uses this code to properly identify and track the issuance of military veteran plates throughout the state.

How can I find out the expiration date for my vehicle registration in Georgia?

Vehicle registration renewal in Georgia is an annual process that must be completed by the vehicle owner. Renewal notices are sent out as a courtesy in some counties but not all, so it is the owner's responsibility to renew their registration on time. Late payments can result in a $5 registration fee penalty.

What services can I receive at Georgia tag offices?

Georgia tag offices provide services such as vehicle titles and registration, plate codes, county name decals, and information regarding records requests.

What information is required from the vehicle owner when registering a vehicle in Georgia?

The vehicle owner must provide proof of ownership, insurance, and applicable fees, including county taxes and title fees.

How does the Coastal Conservation Association of Georgia support habitat enhancement?

The Coastal Conservation Association of Georgia supports habitat enhancement projects, such as oyster reef restoration and marsh grass planting, to improve marine and fish habitats.

How can I support the conservation of wildlife resources in Georgia?

You can help protect wildlife by purchasing a wildlife license plate, which contributes to the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division's efforts to protect and manage wildlife habitats. This is one way you can show your support for wildlife conservation.

Do I need to pay my used vehicle tax at the tax commissioner's office?

When you purchase a used vehicle in Georgia, you need to pay the used vehicle tax to the tax commissioner in the county where you reside.

Typically, tax payments for a used vehicle can be made in person at the tax commissioner's office or online. However, it's best to check with your local tax commissioner's office for their specific payment options and requirements.

Where can I go to get license plates in Georgia?

Here are some of the most visited county tag offices:

Gwinnett County Tag Office - Norcross

(502)  Department of Motor Vehicles

Norcross, GA, United States

+1 770-822-8818

Clayton County Tag Office

(138) Government office

Jonesboro, GA, United States

+1 770-477-3331

Cobb County Tag Office - East Marietta

(64) Auto tag agency

Marietta, GA, United States

+1 770-528

What is the Georgia Department of Natural Resources responsible for?

Georgia's Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is in charge of the management and conservation of coastal resources, including marine and fish habitat, artificial reefs, and state parks. They are also in charge of overseeing hunting and fishing regulations, managing water resources, protecting endangered species, and enforcing laws that protect Georgia's natural resources. The Department of Natural Resources promotes outdoor recreation and education for Georgians and visitors alike.