PrivateAuto Introduces DealNow
for Fast-Track Transactions

Skip the listing process and go straight to getting the deal done.

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Sometimes, a vehicle seller already has a buyer lined up. Or a buyer already knows which vehicle they want to buy.

Maybe the buyer and seller already know each other.
Maybe they met through a friend or acquaintance.
Maybe they met on another vehicle listing site, such as Craigslist or CarGurus.

However they’ve connected, they don’t need PrivateAuto’s marketplace. What they need is the transactional infrastructure to do the deal.

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Here’s how the DealNow process works:

1. A DealNow transaction can be initiated by either the buyer or seller, who invites the other party to complete the transaction on PrivateAuto.

2. The seller can bypass the listing creation process and go straight to confirming the sale. Alternatively, if the seller already has a PrivateAuto listing, the DealNow transaction can incorporate that listing.

3. Buyer and seller can schedule a test drive with our secure and convenient calendar feature.

4. At the test drive, the buyer will confirm that the vehicle is as promised, and both parties will electronically sign an official bill of sale in the PrivateAuto mobile app.

5. The buyer will release funds to the seller via PrivateAuto Pay. The seller will instantly receive them and confirm receipt. PrivateAuto Pay allows instant and fee-free transfers of up to $1M, any time of day, any day of the year.

6. The seller will sign over the Certificate of Title and the buyer will be the new owner of the vehicle.

It’s so streamlined and so user-friendly that you’ll ask yourself why this didn’t exist all along. Better late than never, right?
When you get approved for a loan, funds will show up in your PrivateAuto Pay account in as little as two business days. PrivateAuto Pay then enables instant and fee-free funds transfer up to $1M when you close the deal—regardless of the funding source.

Why It Matters

Private-party sales have always been clunky to coordinate, and fraught with risk. PrivateAuto’s transactional marketplace revolutionized peer-to-peer sales, but left a gap: what about people who don’t need a marketplace.

DealNow is for those who don’t need to find a car to buy or don’t need to find a seller to buy their car. If you’ve already found your vehicle (or found someone to buy yours), we give you all the tools to quickly and securely get the deal done, including:

Messaging: secure in-app messaging keeps your personal info safe
Scheduling: arrange the test drive with our in-app scheduling feature
Escrow: PrivateAuto Pay gives you escrow-like safeguards (and it’s free)
Insurance: get a quote for used car insurance, compare rates, and get coverage
Payments: send up to $1M free and instantaneously, 24/7/365
Signing: electronically sign an official bill of sale in our mobile app

We make private-party car transactions easy and intuitive. DealNow is the latest step toward streamlining the private-party vehicle transaction process.