vs PrivateAuto for Private-Party Car Transactions is an online listings site for buying and selling cars. PrivateAuto is a transactional marketplace that uses technology to make it easy to sell your car online or buy a private-party used car.
Let’s compare how the two sites stack up across different value propositions.

Is Good for Selling and Buying Cars?

The good: has a large user base. This means a lot of buyers and a large selection of cars for sale. Unfortunately, the platform poses some serious challenges.
Image highlighting Buying/Selling Car Privately by PrivateAuto Pros and Cons has an intuitive website that’s simple enough to navigate and has no listing fees. Their lack of transactional infrastructure leaves buyers and sellers in the lurch to navigate all the logistics of the deal. Pros

Wide selection of vehicles, including classic cars
Trusted brand (even if there are some horror stories—see below)
Vehicle advertising available
Vehicle history report available
Integrated vehicle financing option
Integrated car shipping option
Integrated vehicle photography service Cons

No integrated banking gateway
No integrated insurance option
No integrated warranty option
No payment support
No test drive scheduler
Buyer and seller exchange contact info, exposing them to scams
No electronic signing of the bill of sale
No built-in negotiation feature
Few private-seller cars diluted by many dealership listings

PrivateAuto Pros and Cons

PrivateAuto is a vehicle marketplace combined with an integrated banking and payment gateway and a full array of other transactional features to get the deal done. Its DealNow bridge product allows you to start a deal on another platform–Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, eBay Motors, or–and then finish the transaction with PrivateAuto’s infrastructure.

PrivateAuto Pros

Tech-enabled transactionality for every stage of the deal
100% private-party listings, no dealers
Seller can choose a standard listing or an auction format
Self-serve, intuitive listing and auction process
Low seller fees
No buyer fee
Start a deal on another platform, finish it on PrivateAuto with our DealNow bridge product
Vehicle advertising available
Vehicle history reports available
In-app messaging and test drive scheduling
Built in negotiation feature allows buyers to make an offer
Intuitive mobile app and website
Buyer and seller verification
In-app vehicle inspection scheduling.
Integrated car shipping
Electronic signing of an official bill of sale protects both parties
Integrated banking enables instantaneous payments of any amount, 24/7/365
Instant payments provide escrow-like safeguards so you can forgo expensive and cumbersome third-party escrow companies
In-app car financing from a third-party FDIC-insured lender at competitive rates
In-app car insurance provider integration

PrivateAuto Cons

PrivateAuto doesn’t have a lot of downsides. We designed it that way after looking at the pain points associated with other platforms. If you find any flaws, let us know!

PrivateAuto vs Pricing wins this round as it doesn't charge any fees to buyers or sellers.

PrivateAuto fees are among the lowest in the online car-selling market. The seller pays a $150 listing fee with no additional costs thereafter. The buyer is responsible for paying only for the vehicle and has no transaction-related costs.

PrivateAuto vs Transaction Features is a non-transactional platform. It connects buyers and sellers. We call it a “meetingplace” rather than a true marketplace.

PrivateAuto is a fully transactional marketplace, with technological solutions for every stage of the deal. Buyers and sellers can schedule test drives, do a step-by-step walkthrough of the entire transaction process, sign the bill of sale, and transfer funds–all through the PrivateAuto app. Because payments are instantaneous, a PrivateAuto deal can be done very quickly.

PrivateAuto vs Payments

PrivateAuto is the clear winner in the payments arena. PrivateAuto Pay allows buyers to send any amount instantly and fee-free. Funds appear instantly in the seller’s PrivateAuto Pay account, allowing both parties to function as their own escrow service and even conduct remote car transactions. offers no payment integration. The parties must negotiate payment outside of the platform—a cumbersome, risky, and time-consuming process.

There aren’t a lot of good ways to send large sums of money to a stranger, as users quickly learn.

With the speed and security of PrivateAuto Pay, PrivateAuto is the only private vehicle transaction platform that allows a seller and buyer to conclude the entire deal in a few minutes when they meet for a test drive.

In addition to being instantaneous, PrivateAuto Pay offers the following benefits:

Available on nights, weekends, and holidays
Allows for split payments; a buyer can break a payment up between financing, cash, PrivateAuto Pay, and cryptocurrency
Allows for full or partial buyer financing that is directly integrated into the PrivateAuto platform
No transfer fees
No limits on funds transferred: you can buy (or sell) that $1.5M supercar in a flash.

PrivateAuto vs User Experience

PrivateAuto and both have websites and apps.

PrivateAuto Website

PrivateAuto has an intuitive website. It’s easy to shop used cars for sale and filter by make, model, geographical proximity, and other criteria. Sellers can quickly list a vehicle for sale and choose from standard listing or auction format, with a step-by-step guide helping them through the process.

PrivateAuto has no dealer listings, meaning that all cars for sale are by private owners. With an average of around 250,000 listings at any given time, PrivateAuto is by far the best website to shop cars for sale by owner. Website

The website is easy to use, for the most part. The process of listing your vehicle is quite simple. For the potential buyer, does not offer a way for buyers to filter and see only private-party listings.

In fact, the majority of inventory consists of dealership vehicles. Of the hundreds of thousands of vehicles for sale, a mere 14,000 or so are private-party at any given time on average.

Considering all the advantages of a private-party transaction, falls woefully short in serving buyers looking for used cars for sale by owner.

PrivateAuto App

PrivateAuto offers an app that’s available on both iOS and Android. You can list your car for sale, look through available vehicles, contact sellers, e-sign the bill of sale, and pay for your vehicle, all from your phone. App offers an app that’s available on both iOS and Android as well. It serves as a comprehensive mobile platform for car shoppers to research, discover, and connect with sellers throughout the car buying process as well as listing vehicles for sale.

Choosing the Best Online Car Transaction Platform

The verdict on vs PrivateAuto?

PrivateAuto if you want fast, easy transactions with low costs and high convenience and security. Also PrivateAuto if you value private-party cars over dealerships. if you want a free service that leaves you to deal with transactional logistics and gives you mostly dealership inventory.
Image highlighting Buying Car Privately by PrivateAuto Horror Stories has its share of dissatisfied customers, with online complaints falling into the following five categories:

1. Misleading vehicle listings: some buyers have reported encountering vehicles listed on that did not accurately represent the true condition of the car. Complaints include undisclosed accident history, hidden mechanical issues, and misrepresented features or upgrades. These misrepresentations have led to frustrating and costly purchases for unsuspecting buyers.
2. Difficulty finding private-party cars for sale, given that the majority of cars for sale on the platform are listed by dealerships.
3. Unresponsive dealers: a frequent complaint about the platform is the lack of responsiveness from some dealerships. Buyers have reported difficulties reaching sales representatives, getting timely updates on vehicle availability, and resolving issues after a purchase. The disconnect between the online experience and the in-person dealer interaction has been a source of frustration for many customers.
4. Bait-and-switch tactics: there have been instances where buyers claim dealers have advertised a vehicle on at an attractive price, only to pressure them into purchasing a different, more expensive model once they arrive at the dealership. This "bait-and-switch" approach has left some customers feeling misled and taken advantage of.
5. Financing and paperwork challenges: the process of securing financing and completing the necessary paperwork through has been problematic for some buyers. Complaints include delays in processing, unexpected fees, and issues with contract accuracy that have complicated and prolonged the transaction.
6. Lack of recourse and customer support: when things go wrong, users have expressed dissatisfaction with the level of support and recourse available through the platform. Navigating disputes with dealers or seeking resolution for issues has been described as a frustrating and drawn-out experience by some disgruntled customers. vs PrivateAuto FAQ

Is worth it?

While has long been one of the leading online platforms for buying and selling vehicles it offers no transactional support. If you want a platform that's worth it, PrivateAuto is the way to go.

How much does PrivateAuto cost?

How secure is the PrivateAuto Pay feature?

How does PrivateAuto vet buyers and sellers?

How does the PrivateAuto loan process work?

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