Professional Car Photography

Sell your used car faster and fetch a higher price with professional automotive photography. PrivateAuto has partnered with CarLife to bring professional photography to you.

CarLife Photography within PrivateAuto App
Our CarLife integration brings professional automotive photographers to you.

Only $295
20% faster sale*
Super convenient

* Studies show that professional-quality images may help vehicles sell as much as 20% faster, compared to listings with low-quality photos

Why Pay for Professional Automotive Photography?

First impressions matter, and your listing photos are the buyer’s first impression.

Professional automotive photographers have mastered the difficult art of vehicle photography and know how to present your car in the best light.

Expert lighting and angles: professionals know how to perfectly position and light cars to showcase virtues and minimize flaws.
High-end equipment: expensive pro cameras, lenses, lighting, and editing software dramatically enhance photo quality over amateur shots.
Experience: pros have conquered the unique challenges of effectively photographing cars through years of practice.

Some studies have shown that high-quality listing photos can sell cars 20% faster than cars with lower-quality imagery. You may also get a higher price for your vehicle in the private-party market with professional-quality photos.

What is the Car Photography Process?

Our CarLife integration brings professional photographers to your location. The best part: everything happens in your PrivateAuto dashboard—no coordinating between multiple parties. Here’s how it works:

1. Begin the process to list your car for sale on PrivateAuto.
2. Click “Learn More” under the professional photoshoot section
a. You can also add this in your Service Hub, under “Photography.”
3. Fill out a few details, such as location and date.
4. A professional car photographer confirms the date and time of the photoshoot with you.
5. The photographer takes the photos of your car.
6. Amazing photos of your car populate into your listing in 1–2 days.

How Much Does Professional Car Photography Cost?

Our CarLife partnership gives you professional photography for much less than the market rate. Where many automotive photographers charge $500, $1,000, or even more, you will pay only $295 for high-quality automotive photos.

Your CarLife photographer will take a combination of close-up shots, exterior shots, interior shots, and a video to showcase your car from every angle and present it at its best.

What is CarLife?

CarLife is a tech platform that provides automotive photo and video content on demand through a curated network of high-quality content creators across the United States. The company was founded by Matt Laux in 2014 and is based in Delray Beach, Florida.

Initially, CarLife served dealerships that needed professional car photography services, from top brands like Ferrari and Porsche, to trusted names like Subaru and Toyota. Now, with its PrivateAuto integration, CarLife is reaching the private seller market.

If you are selling a used car on PrivateAuto, CarLife gives you access to commercial photography for cars at a fraction of the going rate.

Sell Your Car On PrivateAuto

PrivateAuto is the world’s first and only fully transactional marketplace for private-party car sales. While there are many websites on which to sell your car, they lack transactional infrastructure. They connect you with a buyer, and leave the two of you to muddle through the various deal stages on your own.

PrivateAuto gives you self-serve tools for every stage of the deal, from secure messaging to test drive scheduling to docu-signing to instant, fee-free payments of any amount.

Create your PrivateAuto listing to start the process, and prepare to be amazed.

If you want to list your car on other sites, we understand. Platforms such as Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist give you a lot of exposure to potential buyers. But we still want you to transact safely and securely. That’s why we created DealNow.

DealNow allows you to start a transaction anywhere and finish it on PrivateAuto. You’ll be able to leverage our speed, security, and convenience to get the deal done and get paid. Just invite your buyer to your own personal dealroom on DealNow and enjoy our fast-track transaction flow.

Car Photography FAQ

How many photos are included in my CarLife photography session?

Your CarLife photographer will provide you with up to 50 high-quality images and 1 video, which they will upload directly to your PrivateAuto listing. It’s a major timesaver and a really sweet deal.

Do I need a commercial photographer for a low-value car?

What can a professional photographer do that I can’t?

Is any image editing or post-processing included with my order?

Who owns the rights to the images, me, PrivateAuto, or CarLife?

Can I make special requests for customized shots?