Can a Cashier's Check Bounce?

Cashier's checks will not bounce like personal checks, but they have other drawbacks for car sellers.
Cashier’s checks are inconvenient, time-consuming, and can be counterfeited. There’s a much better way to get paid for your car.

Introducing PrivateAuto Pay. Money arrives in your account the instant the buyer initiates payment. No transfer fees. Works 24/7/365 for any amount up to $1M.

Advantages of Cashier's Checks

Cashier's checks have been a popular way to receive a payment for a vehicle, and they do have a few advantages over other payment types.

1. Guaranteed funds: cashier's checks provide guaranteed money once verified, giving sellers confidence.
2. Security features: cashier’s checks contain anti-fraud measures like watermarks and security inks. These help prevent counterfeits, even if skilled scammers still find ways to fake them.
3. Financial record: checks create a paper trail documenting the transaction, unlike cash.
4. Familiarity and convenience: both sellers and buyers are accustomed to cashier's checks as a known, convenient payment option.

Disadvantages of Cashier Checks

If you're smart, you won't even think of accepting a personal check unless you wait for it to clear—and who wants to deal with that delay? While cashier's can’t bounce, getting paid by check has several downsides:

1. Checks take time to fully clear banks, so sellers must wait for payment. This creates friction and delays in getting the deal done quickly.
2. You are vulnerable to cashier's check scams.
3. Cashier’s checks are super inconvenient compared to the ease and speed of PrivateAuto Pay.

PrivateAuto Pay combines the certainty of a bank-verified cashier's check with the immediacy and convenience of Venmo. It has no transaction fees and works 24/7/365 for payments up to $1M.

A Safer Way To Receive Payments

What if there was a smooth, digital way for strangers to pay you instantly? Say goodbye to the risk, delay, and inconvenience of other payment methods. It's time for an easy, seamless, secure way for you to get paid.

What is PrivateAuto Pay?

PrivateAuto is PrivateAuto’s built-in banking integration that enables instant, secure, and fee-free funds transfers up to $1M. It’s a dream come true for car sellers.

Your PrivateAuto Pay account is actually a bank account that you own, accessed via your PrivateAuto profile.
Easily move money between your PrivateAuto Pay account and your external bank account via a balance transfer.
Receive up to $1 million instantly from the seller into your PrivateAuto Pay account.
Instant payments arrive any time of day, every day of the year.
No exchange of contact information or banking info.
Encrypted info protects your data from hackers.
Conclude the entire transaction when you meet the buyer for a test drive.
Sell a car to a remote buyer and forgo costly and inconvenient escrow services.

So PrivateAuto Pay is great and all, but it’s a service for users of PrivateAuto’s transactional marketplace.

Found a car you like somewhere else? Use our new DealNow feature to fast-track a transaction with our infrastructure, even if you met the seller on another platform such as Craigslist, eBay Motors, or Facebook Marketplace.

DealNow uses PrivateAuto Pay for payments and offers all the same conveniences, along with a fast-tracked deal flow. It bypasses the car shopping, messaging, and negotiation steps and gets the deal done quickly.
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How Does PrivateAuto Pay Solve Issues for Private Sellers?

With PrivateAuto Pay, you can ditch the hassles of cash, checks, or wire transfers. Any potential buyer can pay you instantly, safely, and conveniently from their smartphones.

No more waiting for multiple transfers due to low bank limits. No more coordinating with financial institution hours or transfer delays. Just seamless, instant digital payments directly into your account, 24/7.

Your buyer can securely send large sums in seconds without you having to exchange any sensitive account information. You get escrow-like protections without any third party fees.

PrivateAuto Pay solves every payment issue sellers encounter. Get guaranteed funds instantly without the friction of traditional methods.

How to Verify A Cashier's Check Is Real?

Verify that a cashier’s check is legitimate and the funds are valid.

1. Inspect the check closely for any alterations, blurred areas, or errors that may indicate a fake check. Authentic checks have defined backgrounds and formatting.
2. Call the bank branch listed and confirm the check number, account holder name, amount, and available balance. Make sure details match and sufficient funds exist.
3. Visit the issuing bank with the buyer and have a teller physically validate the check, account, and ID of the of the buyer.
4. Deposit the check yourself and wait 7-10 days for it to fully clear before giving the car to the buyer.

Does that sound like a lot of effort and inconvenience? We think so too. That’s why we created PrivateAuto Pay.

How Long Does it Take for a Fake Cashier's Check to Bounce?

It can take weeks, or sometimes months, for a fraudulent cashier’s check to be discovered.

Banks initially make funds available soon, usually within 1-5 days of depositing a cashier's check. This gives the illusion that the check has cleared. But it takes weeks or longer for the check to fully clear and the issuing bank to verify legitimacy.
The bank will debit the deposited amount back whenever the check is discovered to be fraudulent. This reversal can happen at any time, from a couple weeks up to potentially a couple months later.

Steps To Selling a Car on PrivateAuto

If you’re selling your car, there’s no better place to do it than on PrivateAuto. Here’s how the PrivateAuto selling process works:

1. You register on PrivateAuto and we verify you.
2. You list your car with our easy, step-by-step guided process.
3. You set your pricing and terms and screen would-be buyers.
4. You vet incoming offers and choose a buyer.
5. You meet the buyer for a test drive.
5. You and the buyer e-sign documents from your PrivateAuto mobile app.
6. You get paid instantly.

So simple, right?
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Payments FAQ

Do banks put a hold on cashier's checks?

While cashier's checks are considered guaranteed funds, banks can still place holds on them before the funds are fully available in your account. The length of the hold varies by bank policy.

When you deposit a cashier's check from another bank into your account, your bank needs to verify those funds with the issuing bank. This verification process takes at least one business day.

Many banks will make a portion of the cashier's check funds available right away while freezing hte remainder for several business days while they complete verification.

The hold length varies depending on the bank and the amount of the check:

- For checks up to $5,000, it takes about 2 business days for it to clear.
- For checks up to $50,000, it takes about 5 business days for it to clear.
- For checks over $50,000, it can take a couple of weeks to clear.

So, while cashier's checks are more secure than personal checks, they are not the same as receiving cold, hard cash. The bank verification process means you won't have access to the full funds for days after depositing the check.

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