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How Much Do Vermont License Plates Cost?

When you buy a used car in Vermont, you’ll get new license plates when you register the vehicle. Standard Vermont passenger vehicle plates are included in the annual registration fee of $76.
Vermont also has a variety of specialty and vanity plates to choose from, which cost more. Additional taxes and fees apply to both new and renewal registrations.

Let’s get into the details of license plate costs in the state of Vermont.

The Cost of Vermont License Plates

Vermont passenger license plates cost $0 to $48, depending on what type of plates you choose.

Here are the options Vermont offers for passenger vehicle plates:

Standard passenger plates
Vanity plates
Specialty plates
Disability plates

How Much are Standard License Plates in Vermont?

In Vermont, the standard passenger vehicle plates are included with the registration fee of $76. So, they’re free…sort of.

You'll receive regular license plates when:

Registering a vehicle in your name
Replacing lost, damaged, or stolen plates
Trading down from specialty plates to standard plates

For more info on Vermont’s license plate types, visit the official Vermont Department Of Motor Vehicles page.

How Much are Personalized License Plates in Vermont?

Want to make a statement? Vanity license plates cost $48, in addition to registration. They are also referred to as personalized or prestige plates, allowing you to customize your ride with a unique letter and number combo.

When selecting the lettering for your custom Vermont plate, there are some restrictions:

You are limited to seven total characters and spaces
No special characters or punctuation can be used
Offensive or inappropriate words and phrases are prohibited
No more than two numbers are allowed in combination with letters

How Much are Vermont Special License Plates?

Show some team spirit or support a cause with a specialty plate. You can sport a plate that supports your favorite Vermont college, cause, or organization.

Vermont specialty license plates cost between $17 to $26 in addition to the $76 registration fee.

Here are the categories and designs:

Military and veteran license plates
In theater plates
Safety and service organizations
Special fund plates
Organization plates

For more information about specialty license plates, click on any of the above links to view
category details on the official Vermont Department Of Motor Vehicles website.
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How Much are Vermont Handicap Plates?

Vermont disability plates and placards are “free” (as in, no extra charge over and above the registration fee of $76) for disabled residents.

Eligible applicants can get:

1. Removable windshield placards
2. Special registration disability plates

To apply for these, take the following steps:

1. Get the application form VD-120 from the Vermont DMV
2. Have a doctor complete the medical certification section of the application
3. Submit to the VT Department Of Motor Vehicle for approval
4. Once approved, the DMV will issue disability plates or placards

How Much are Commercial License Plates In Vermont?

The cost for commercial license plates in Vermont ranges from $109 to $2,648.50 per year depending on the type and weight of the commercial vehicle.

These plates are required to legally operate commercial vehicles on Vermont roads.

How Much are Motorcycle License Plates In Vermont?

Vermont motorcycle registration costs $48. This fee includes the license plate.

How Much are Trailer License Plates In Vermont?

A trailer license plate costs between $27 and $394 per year in Vermont. Naturally, you only need one license plate for a trailer, and it goes in the rear.

How Much are RV Plates In Vermont?

Vermont recreational vehicle (RV) plates are included in the $76 registration fee.

What do I do With Old License Plates in Vermont?

When you sell your used car in Vermont, you must dispose of your old plates properly.

Here are the options for old Vermont plates:

1. Recycle: remove any stickers and recycle the plate.
2. Keep: some choose to save the old plate as memorabilia. Be sure to invalidate any active stickers first.

It’s always a good idea to deface your old license plates before returning or recycling it. This prevents someone else from illegally using it. Always remove registration stickers before disposing of your plate.

License Plate Trivia

Here are some interesting facts about Vermont license plates:

Vermont requires a front license plate in addition to the rear plate, unlike some states that require a rear plate only.
Passenger license plates measure 6 by 12 inches and are rectangular—in Vermont and across the US.
Motorcycle license plates are a bit smaller, measuring 4 by 7 inches.
The Vermont license plates have seven characters. (Across the US, license plate formats range from 6 to 8 characters.)

How to Apply for Vermont License Plates?

After you've purchased a car from a private seller, you'll get new license plates when you register the vehicle in your name with the Vermont DMV.

Here are the steps you'll take:

1. Gather the required documents, such as your vehicle title, auto insurance, and driver's license.
2. Visit your local DMV office.
3. Submit the Registration, Tax & Title Application
4. Pay applicable registration fees, plate fees, and sales taxes.
5. Get your new plates and registration certificate from the DMV office.
6. Attach your new Vermont plates to the rear and front of your vehicle. Vermont requires two plates.

How Much is a Title Transfer in Vermont?

Transferring a vehicle's title in Vermont is a two-part process.

1. The seller signs over the certificate of title after you pay them for the car.
2. You complete the title transfer at the county treasurer's office. At the same time, you apply for a new title, pay sales taxes and fees, complete the registration process, and apply for new license plates.

When you visit your local Vermont county treasurer, you’ll submit the following:

A completed Registration, Tax & Title application
Payment for title transfer fee: $35
Payment for the registration fee: $76 annually or $140 biennially
Payment for Vermont sales tax: 6% of vehicle’s purchase price

Read our complete guide to a Vermont title transfer for more info on the subject.

How Much is Registration in Vermont?

Here are the taxes and fees you may owe when you register a car in Vermont. Some are due ongoingly, while others are one-time.

To register your vehicle, you must show proof of insurance.

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License Plates FAQ

What are Vermont low number plates?

Looking for license plates with a lower number between 1000-9999? The Green Mountain State offers this option for an extra initial fee.

Vermont low number plates cost $100 more than standard registration upon first issue. This reserves you a lower plate number in the available 1000-9999 range. Once issued, renewals are at the regular cost for that vehicle type.

What are Vermont sample plates?

What to do about faded Vermont plates?