Used Cars for Sale in Aurora

How PrivateAuto Helps You Buy a Car

Car buyers love PrivateAuto because we streamline the process of buying a car.

Full banking integration for instant money transfers, 24/7/365
Verified sellers help you avoid scams
In-app messaging and scheduling keeps your personal info safe
Apply for financing right in our app
Electronically sign the bill of sale right in our app
Makes buying and paying for a pre-owned car as easy as ordering takeout

Already have a car in mind? Use DealNow to fast-track the process. Even if the car is on another platform, such as Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, you can invite the seller to hop on to PrivateAuto, bypass the listing process, and get the deal done with our transactional infrastructure.

Buying a Used Car on PrivateAuto: the Process

Here’s how the PrivateAuto process works:

1. Create a PrivateAuto account
2. Browse vehicle listings near you and communicate securely with sellers
3. Schedule test drives with sellers using our easy calendar booking system
4. Apply for financing within the PrivateAuto app and get approved (optional)
5. E-sign documents from your PrivateAuto phone app
6. Pay for your car by sending up to $1M instantly and securely with PrivateAuto Pay, our banking integration

So easy.

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