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How to Transfer a Car Title in Mississippi?

A certificate of title is a legal document that proves that you are the owner of a vehicle. If you are buying or selling a used vehicle in Mississippi, transferring ownership is one of the most important steps in the entire car-buying process.

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Ownership transfer process

Finalize Ownership Transfer with Mississippi DOR

Bill of sale in Mississippi

Transfer the title

Private-party car sales need a safe, legal title transfer process. Our Mississippi car title transfer guide will teach you everything you need to know about signing over a vehicle title in Mississippi.

The Process of Transferring the Title

A vehicle title transfer establishes the buyer of a vehicle as the new owner. There are two phases to a title transfer:

  1. The buyer and the seller have a face-to-face meeting. They agree on the purchase price and the buyer approves of the vehicle. The buyer pays the seller. Both the seller and buyer must fill out and sign the title certificate. The buyer is now the legal owner of the vehicle.
  2. The buyer registers the vehicle and formally transfers the title into their name with the Mississippi Department of Revenue (DOR). When they do this, they pay sales tax, apply for new license plates, and handle other details.

The first step (the seller and buyer meeting) is the most important. The second step is a required formality.

  • As the seller, you’ll formalize the whole transaction when you transfer ownership of the car by signing the title over to the buyer. You’ll remove your plates and be done with the vehicle.
  • As the purchaser in a private car sale, you become the legal owner of the vehicle when the seller transfers the title into your name. You'll finalize your title and registration with the Mississippi DMV. You’ll also get new Mississippi license plates as well as auto insurance.

Essential Info for Signing a Mississippi Title

  • Always keep the following details in mind when completing the title certificate:
  • Any spelling errors render the document invalid.
  • Use only blue or black ink. Any other color will make the title null and void.
  • Never use white-out or delete anything.
  • Write clearly.
  • Use only full, legal names..

Front of Title

The front of the title includes sections for lien holders (green) and witnesses (purple). Here are the steps for filling out the front of a Mississippi title.

In the red area labeled "1," the seller enters the exact odometer reading, their signature, written name, and date of sale.

  1. The buyer signs and prints their name in the blue "2" column.
  2. The buyer fills out the teal box labeled "4" with the lienholder's name and address, which will appear on the new title, as well as the lien date, if one exists.

You've now accomplished a Mississippi title transfer.

Finalize Ownership Transfer with Mississippi DOR

Once you’ve filled out the certificate, you are officially the owner. But your work is not done. There are still steps you need to take to finalize the car title transfer. Also, you will need to register the car and get new license plates from the Mississippi Department of Revenue (DOR). You’ll also need to pay car sales tax on your vehicle purchase.

You will need to submit the following documents to your local MS DOR office:

  • State-issued photo identification.
  • Completed certificate of title.
  • An odometer reading (only if purchased in another state).
  • The car’s vehicle identification number.
  • Payment to cover MS vehicle registration fees ($14).
  • Payment to cover sales tax and other fees

Used car sales tax in Mississippi is based on the type of car, its value, and where the owner lives. Contact the county tax collector if you need assistance computing these taxes.

When you file for MS vehicle registration, you will be able to choose what type of license plate you want. Standard license plates cost $10 in Mississippi.

To avoid fines or other penalties, you should register your new car as soon as you get the title.

Mississippi Bill of Sale

In Mississippi, a bill of sale is required when transferring title. A bill of sale is a legal document that acts as a receipt for the sale.

Bill of Sale

Here are the necessary elements in a bill of sale:

  • Your full name and signature
  • The other party’s full name and signature
  • Price of the car
  • The make, model, and year of the car
  • VIN

As part of our standard in-app transaction process, PrivateAuto gives you an official bill of sale for the state of Mississippi. At the right time in the deal, the buyer and seller will be asked to use the PrivateAuto app to sign the Mississippi bill of sale electronically.

When you meet to test drive the car and decide to buy it, the whole deal, including filling out the bill of sale, can be done in a few minutes. It’s fast, easy, and convenient. You won't have to keep track of all of your paperwork; you will always have the electronic bill of sale accessible in your PrivateAuto account to prove that the transaction was legitimate.

Mississippi Title Transfer Form

When buying a car from a private seller, the buyer will have to do the title transfer at their local Mississippi Department of Revenue.

To apply for a vehicle title transfer in Mississippi, you need:

  • The MS title certificate
  • Completed bill of sale
  • Complete an application for Mississippi title and license (form 78-002).

Steps for Selling Your Vehicle through PrivateAuto


Steps for Selling Your Vehicle through PrivateAuto

Selling your used car is simple and hassle-free with PrivateAuto. There are only a few easy steps in the sales process:

  1. Gather necessary paperwork
  2. Make an account on PrivateAuto and get verified
  3. List the car
  4. Set your own terms
  5. Vet the incoming offers
  6. Choose the buyer
  7. Schedule a test drive
  8. E-sign paperwork
  9. Get paid, instantaneously
  10. Perform a  title transfer
  11. Remove license plates
  12. Cancel car insurance

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MS Title Transfer FAQ

How to transfer a title after a lease buyout?

Once you've paid off your car loan, the lien holder will send you a lien release letter and a complete vehicle title.

You must apply for a new MS vehicle title by giving your local DOR the following documents:

  • A completed application for replacement certificate of title (form 78-006)
  • Vehicle title
  • A lien release letter
  • Payment for the $9 MS car title fee

You can also present the documents in person at your county tax collector’s office or mail them to:

Mississippi Department of Revenue
Motor Vehicle Licensing Bureau
P.O. Box 1383
Jackson, MS 39215

How to transfer a car title when the owner is deceased?

When the car owner is deceased and you, as the beneficiary, are planning on keeping the car, you need to transfer the title to your name. The beneficiary may sell the car or give it as a gift to a relative.

Following the death of the vehicle owner, the following people can act to transfer the title:

  • Surviving spouses
  • Joint owners
  • Beneficiaries

These all have the legal authority to transfer the vehicle title.

You'll need to talk to a lawyer and the probate court, and you'll need to gather the following documents:

  • Certificate of title
  • Odometer disclosure statement
  • Death certificate
  • Order from the probate court to transfer the vehicle
  • Transfer fee

Also, see our guide about transferring a vehicle title to a family member!

How do you transfer an out-of-state title?

When transferring an out-of-state car title to MS, here is what you need to provide:

  • The vehicle’s out-of-state title
  • The current valid registration receipt
  • A completed odometer disclosure statement (form 78-015)
  • Payment for all applicable vehicle title transfer and registration fees

The above-mentioned documents can only be given to the MS DOR office in person.

In the state of Mississippi, you have 30 days after establishing residency to register your car.

How to request a duplicate vehicle title in Mississippi?

Requesting a duplicate car title in MS can be done both in person and via mail.

For both options, you will need to provide the following:

  • Completed application for replacement certificate of title (form 78-006)
  • Payment of $9 for the duplicate title

Those who want a replacement title by mail should send the document and payment to:

Department of Revenue
Title Bureau
P.O. Box 1383
Jackson, MS 39201

Should I remove my license plates when I sell a used car in MS?

Yes, the seller must remove the vehicle's plates when selling a used car in Mississippi. The buyer will need to apply to the Mississippi DOR for new license plates.

Person removing a license plate.

See our state-by-state guide on how to handle license plates in the event of a private-party car sale.

How to obtain a fast-track vehicle title?

Mississippi has a fast-track program if you are unable to wait for your car title to arrive. With the fast-track program, you will get your vehicle title within 72 hours.

To apply for a fast-track title, you need to:

  • Completed a fast-track application for replacement certificate of title (Form 78-026)
  • Check for $9 for the duplicate vehicle title fee, and the fast-track fee of $30

You will need to mail these items to this address:

Mississippi Fast Track Title Program

P.O. Box 22845

Jackson, MS 39225

What is the safest method of payment when selling a car?

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