You need to know how to transfer a car title in Florida when you…

  • Buy or sell a used car
  • Add or remove owners
  • Donate or give a vehicle as a gift
  • Transfer ownership in a divorce settlement
  • Inherit a car

You’ll need the certificate of title. If it’s lost or damaged, submit an Application for Duplicate (Form HSMV 82101).

Step 1. Check for a Clear Title

If there’s a lien on the title, you’ll need to get a lien release before the transfer.

Step 2. Complete the Transfer of Title by SellerSection

Complete the section at the bottom of the front of the certificate.

  • Odometer disclosure
  • Date of sale
  • Sales price
  • Seller signature and printed name
  • Buyer signature and printed name

Step 3. Complete Additional Documents

Other documents you may need include:

Step 4. Apply for a New Certificate of Title

If the car has an electronic title, go to a motor vehicle service center to complete a secure transaction. Both parties need to show a photo ID.

Step 5. Pay Fees and Taxes

Buyers pay a 6% sales tax. County and local taxes may apply.

The title fee is $75.25 for electronic titles ($77.25 for out-of-state transfers). A paper title costs another 2.50.

If you have one or more liens on the vehicle you’ll pay a $2.00 fee for each lien.

Registration fees vary by the weight of the vehicle.


To transfer a certificate of title in Florida, you need to Complete both the title assignment on the back of the certificate apply for a new title.

You may need other forms, depending on your circumstances.

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