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Buying a used vehicle can be stressful if you don’t know how much you will owe for state and local taxes. Our used car sales tax calculator will clear up any confusion you may have on tax rates in your state.

What Is a Used Car Sales Tax?

A used car sales tax is the sales tax rate you have to pay when purchasing a used vehicle. State vehicle tax rates typically range from 5% to 7% of the purchase price of the vehicle. Other states, such as Nevada, have rates as high as 8.25%.

The following states don’t charge a sales tax on vehicle purchases:
New Hampshire

Car Sales Tax Rates

Vehicle sales taxes are a percentage of the full purchase price of the vehicle. Tax rates are the same for new and used vehicles. The total sales tax varies from state to state—and even from county to county and city to city in some instances.

In some states, individual counties and cities charge their own sales tax on cars, which is in addition to the state sales tax. The city or county tax is termed a local tax.

For example, if you live in Alameda County, California, you’ll add the California sales tax rate (7.25%) to the Alameda County sales tax rate (3%). Your total tax rate will be 10.25%.

Utah Car Sales Tax Calculator

The state sales tax in Utah is 6.85%. However, some cities and counties in Utah charge an additional local sales tax rate. Vehicle sales tax rates in these locales will be higher than the state baseline. For example, Salt Lake County’s sales tax rate is 7.25%.

To calculate your Utah sales tax rate on your car purchase, look up your combined tax rate in this document to determine what your total rate will be based on your Utah county and city. Enter the total rate into the calculator above, along with the car’s purchase price. Easy.

California Car Sales Tax Calculator

California vehicle sales tax is 7.25% statewide. Some counties and cities charge an additional local tax, while others do not. The average local tax is 1.4% on top of the statewide sales tax rate. Some locales charge significantly more local tax. Los Angeles County charges 2.25% local sales tax, bringing the total sales tax to 9.5% of the purchase price of the car for county residents. Some cities within Los Angeles County levy an additional tax, bringing the total even higher.

To calculate your California car sales tax, enter the vehicle purchase price and the full tax rate applicable (state plus local). The calculator will tell you your tax owed.

Washington Car Sales Tax Calculator

State vehicle sales taxes in Washington are 6.5% plus an additional 0.3% “motor vehicle sales/leases tax” for a state total of 6.8% tax rate on the purchase price of the vehicle.

To calculate tax owed for a WA vehicle purchase, enter the purchase price and the 6.8% tax rate, and the calculator will tell you the amount you will owe.

Texas Car Sales Tax Calculator

The state tax rate in Texas is 6.25%. Certain counties and cities charge additional local tax. The total sales tax varies depending on the local tax amount your city or county charges. Determine your total car tax rate based on your county and city of residence, and enter that percentage into the calculator, along with the purchase price of the car.

Ohio Car Sales Tax Calculator

The motor vehicle sales tax in Ohio is 5.75%. This tax rate does not include county taxes, which can be as high as 2%, depending on the region you live in. Therefore, the exact amount you can expect to pay will depend on how much you paid for the vehicle and your place of residence.

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FAQ on Used Car Sales Tax

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The state of Missouri collects a 4.224% state sales tax on vehicles. Therefore, the sales tax on an $8000 vehicle in Missouri is $337.92. This does not include local tax, which varies based on your county and city of residence.

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