How to Transfer a Car Title in Alaska?

When selling or buying a used car in Alaska, transferring the title is one of the most important steps.
Transferring an Alaska title needs to be executed properly—this is especially important when dealing with private-party car sales.

This detailed title transfer guide tells you everything you need to know to get your new-to-you vehicle titled in your name with the state of Alaska.

The Alaska Title Transfer Process

A car title transfer makes the buyer the new owner of the vehicle. A title transfer is divided into two stages:

1. The buyer and seller meet up. The buyer pays for the vehicle. Both fill out the physical title certificate and sign it. The buyer is now the legal owner of the purchased car.
2. The buyer registers the newly bought vehicle with the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and the DMV updates its records to establish the buyer as the titled owner.

The first step (the seller signing over the title) is the critical transfer of ownership. The second step is a formality so that the state recognizes you as the new owner.

As the car seller, you transfer ownership of the car by signing the title over to the buyer. You’ll take off your rear license plate and hand over the car.
As the buyer, you become the legal owner as soon as the seller transfers the title to your name. You will finalize with the Alaska DMV to get the title and vehicle registration in your name. You’ll also get your own license plate and car insurance.
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Signing the Title Certificate

It’s time to do the actual title transfer. This is a step where the seller signs the title over to the buyer. It’s the single most vital step in the entire bar-buying transaction (along with the buyer paying for the car).

There are some key details you need to pay attention to when signing an Alaska title.

Front of the Alaska Title

The front of an Alaska title is only for sellers and lien holders, so sellers pay attention!
Front of the Alaska Title.png
1. The lienholder will release the lien by entering the required information in the teal rectangle marked “1”.
2. The seller enters the date of the sale, the current license plate number, the buyer's name, address, city/state, and zip code in the red section marked “2”.
3. In the red section labeled “3,” the seller signs their name.

Back of the Alaska Title

The back of an Alaska title has a section for sellers (red) and buyers (teal).

Here is the step-by-step process for filling out the back of an Alaska vehicle title.
Back of the Alaska Title.png
1. The seller prints the buyer's name, address, current license plate number, and date of the sale in the red rectangle marked “1”.
2. In the red rectangle below that, the seller enters the exact odometer reading and checks box 1.
a. Don't include tenths of a mile.
b. Only check boxes 2 or 3 if the mileage is more than the odometer's mechanical limits or the odometer reading is not the actual mileage.
3. In the red square marked “3,” the seller signs and prints their name.
a. If there is a co-seller, they will also print and sign their name.
4. The buyer signs their name in the teal-colored space as shown above.
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Finalize Ownership Transfer with the Alaska DMV

You’ve done the deal and are the owner of a new-to-you car. You still have some things to take care of.

There are still steps you need to take to finalize your car title transfer with the Division of Motor Vehicles Alaska.

You will also need to get a new license plate, register the car in your name, and pay applicable vehicle sales tax on your purchase.

Here’s what you’ll need to provide when you do your titling and registration at the DMV office:

The Certificate of Title, signed over to you by the previous vehicle owner.
A completed Vehicle Transaction Application form
Proof of lien release (if applicable).
Odometer disclosure statement (if applicable).
Payment for Alaska’s vehicle title transfer fee: $15.
Payment for Alaska registration fee: from $100 plus local tax (if applicable).
Payment for Alaska’s sales tax: from 0% to 9.5%.
Payment for Alaska license plate: $23.
Proof of identification.
Proof of insurance.
Proof of VIN inspection.

Alaska Title Transfer FAQ

How much are license plates in Alaska?

A standard Alaska license plate is included in the price of your initial two-year registration. If you want a personalized plate, it will cost between $30 and $100.

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