How to Transfer a Car Title in Minnesota?

Certificates of title are legal documents that prove ownership of a car. When buying or selling a used car in Minnesota, the title transfer is one of the most important steps in the process.
Going through a legal and safe title transfer process is an essential part of private car sales. Our Minnesota vehicle title transfer guide gives you everything you need to know about signing over a vehicle title in MN.

Minnesota Title Transfer Process

A vehicle title transfer establishes the buyer of a car as the new owner. There are two stages to a title transfer:

1. Buyer and seller meet. The buyer pays the seller. Both fill out the physical certificate of title, and sign. The buyer is now the legal owner of the car.
2. The buyer registers the car and formally transfers the title into their name with the Minnesota Driver Vehicle Services (DVS).

The first step (buyer and seller meeting) is the most crucial. The second step is a necessary formality.

As the seller, you’ll formalize the entire transaction when you transfer the ownership of the car by signing the title over to the buyer. You’ll remove the license plates and be done with the vehicle.
As the buyer in a private car sale, you become the legal owner of the car as soon as the seller transfers the title to your name. You’ll finalize with Minnesota DVS to get title and registration in your name. You’ll also get new Minnesota license plates and auto insurance.
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Essential Info for Signing a Minnesota Car Title

It’s time to do the actual ownership transfer. This is a step where the seller signs the title over to the buyer. It’s probably the single most vital step in the entire transaction (along with the buyer paying for the car). There are some key details you need to pay attention to when signing a Minnesota vehicle title.

When signing the title certificate, always keep the following in mind.

Only use black or blue ink. Using any other color ink will void the title.
Never use white-out.
Never erase anything.
Always write neatly.
Only use your legal name.
Any spelling mistakes void the document.

Front of Title

The front of the title has a seller section (shown in red below), and a buyer section (teal). Here is the process for filling out the front of a Minnesota title.

Finalize Ownership Transfer with Minnesota DVS

You’ve done the deal and are officially the owner. But, your work is not done. There are still steps you need to take to finalize the title transfer with the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

You also need to get new license plates and register the car with the Minnesota Driver Vehicle Services (Minnesota DVS).

You will need to submit the following to your local DVS office:

Original vehicle title
Proof of identification
Vehicle odometer reading
Proof of auto insurance
Payment for necessary fees
A completed application to title and register a motor vehicle (form PS2000).

To avoid any fees or penalties, make sure you register your new car right after transferring the title.

Emissions Testing

The state of Minnesota does not require emissions testing.

Minnesota Bill of Sale

In the state of Minnesota, a bill of sale is not required for transferring the title. A bill of sale is still a good idea, though, as it’s a legal document that acts as a receipt to protect both buyer and seller.
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Here are the necessary elements in a bill of sale:

Your full name and signature
Full names and signatures of buyer and seller
Price of the car
The make, model, and year of the car
VIN (vehicle identification number)

PrivateAuto includes an official Minnesota bill of sale as part of our standard in-app transaction process. At the appropriate stage in the transaction, the buyer and seller will be prompted to e-sign the Minnesota bill of sale within the PrivateAuto mobile app.

The whole transaction, the bill of sale included, can be completed in minutes when you meet for the test drive and approve the car. It’s easy and convenient. You won't have to keep track of all the documents: you will always have the electronic bill of sale accessible in your PrivateAuto account to prove that the transaction was legitimate.

Finalizing a Minnesota Title with DVS

You’ll need to submit a transfer of title form to the DVS. The Minnesota car title transfer form will require you to fill in the following info:

Minnesota license and registration fees
The name and address of the previous vehicle owner
The date of sale
Car mileage, condition, and purchase price
Odometer disclosure

Additionally, when you submit the form to the DVS, you’ll need to provide the following:

Completed application title/register a motor vehicle (form PS2000)
Vehicle title certificate

The following fees are standard vehicle title transfer fees in Minnesota:

Filing fee: $11
Vehicle title transfer fee: $8.25
Per lien recordation fee: $2
Vehicle transfer tax: $10
Public safety vehicle fee: $3.50
Security interest assignment: $1
Minnesota car sales tax: 6.5% of the purchase price of the vehicle

Minnesota License Plates

Unlike most other states, Minnesota mandates that license plates remain with the vehicle and pass on to the buyer. As the buyer, you won’t need to purchase new license plates.

The exception is for specialized or personalized plates, which a seller can keep or transfer to another vehicle.

In MN, registration fees are based on either taxable horsepower or vehicle weight.
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PrivateAuto makes selling your used car hassle-free. The sales process consists of a few simple steps:

Gather the necessary documentation
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Transfer title
When you sell your vehicle, fill out the necessary information on the back of the title transfer form and sign the vehicle title in order to transfer ownership of the vehicle to the new owner.

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MN Title Transfer FAQ

How to transfer a title after a lease buyout?

After you have paid off the car loan, you will need to submit a lien release, the lender is required to release the lien on the vehicle.

In order to for the lender to release the lien, the following documentation needs to be submitted to the Minnesota DVS:

- The vehicle title
- Lien notification signed by the lender
- Completed notification of assignment, the release of the grant of secured interest (form PS3017)

How to Those who have an out-of-state title will need to title and register the car within 60 days of establishing Minnesota residency.

Can you transfer ownership of a vehicle without a title in Minnesota?

How to request a duplicate vehicle title in Minnesota?

Where can I go to transfer a vehicle title in Minnesota?