What Used Cars Sell The Fastest?

Selling a used car doesn't have to be stressful or difficult. Even if you have a used car that's not as popular as some other models, you can still get it sold quickly and efficiently with help of a tool like PrivateAuto. So, what used cars sell the fastest? Here's a look at the used cars that sell quickly, so you can see where your car ranks and better judge used car prices.

The BMW X6

Most BMW models sell well. The company has a reputation for quality and value, which is a big reason its vehicles are popular. While the BMW X6 can be an expensive investment, it's also one of the fastest-selling cars the company offers. If you happen to own one, you're likely in for a quick sale.

The model years will matter when you make a purchase, though, as some model years are just more desirable than others. That's usually because of features on those model years that weren't available in other years. It can also be because of reliability or recall issues that might have affected some model years more than others. Research is definitely necessary to make a smart investment.
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Tesla Models

Tesla makes extremely popular cars. These vehicles are more unique than most other types of cars on the road today, and that makes them extremely desirable for a lot of people. Being able to charge them instead of using traditional gasoline has also made them a good choice for those who are interested in protecting the planet and making the move to a hybrid or electric car.

Still, not everyone likes the idea of an electric vehicle. However, the company has a strong following and good vehicle sales. Teslas also have a reputation for quality and a lot of buyers of these vehicles like the direction the company is heading and its focus on being innovative in the vehicle market today.

Land Rovers

Land Rovers sell quickly when they're priced right. These bigger vehicles are durable, and they hold the interest of people who like the outdoors, have big families, or otherwise just want a large vehicle they can really enjoy. Not everyone likes a vehicle this size, though, so it's important to market it properly and make sure that potential buyers can find it and understand all of the benefits it offers.

If sellers aren't marketing their Land Rover in the right way, they could have a hard time and it may end up being one of the slowest-selling vehicles for them just because it takes the right kind of person to buy it. By knowing the target market and tailoring the ad information to that market, a seller can move a Land Rover more quickly.
What Used Cars Sell The Fastest?

Crossovers and SUVs

People who camp or travel a lot may choose a crossover or SUV. Being spacious and versatile, these vehicles also have a shorter selling time. It takes 29.3 days on average to sell a used vehicle, but those that are in demand may sell much faster than that — sometimes within just a couple of days.

These types of vehicles are also very popular with smaller families or even singles who like to have extra cargo room. People who do large shopping trips will appreciate the convenience of being able to put things in the back instead of the trunk, and many crossovers and SUVs have back-up cameras, foot-operated lift gates, and many other features that make driving them easier than ever.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz is synonymous with luxury and quality, and many people who buy these vehicles choose a used car over a new one because it allows them to purchase the brand at a price point that's more affordable. Buying a brand new car comes with a lot of depreciation right off the lot, so buying a used car allows a new owner to avoid all of that. However, when luxury is the goal, the most recent model years sell the fastest.

Newer used cars like these still look good and run well, but they're much less expensive than their brand new counterparts. People who buy a Mercedes Benz will be looking for quality and value, but also the sense of luxury that comes with a higher-end vehicle. Sellers who can provide that will see their car move faster than a seller who doesn't focus on what the buyer really cares about (i.e., an easy and enjoyable purchasing experience).

Toyotas, Subarus, and Hondas

The Toyota Corolla, Subaru BRZ, Honda Civic, and Toyota Yaris are all popular vehicles that sell quickly. They hold up well, don't require frequent repairs, and don't cost a lot. That makes them a great choice for buyers who are looking for something they can just purchase and drive without worrying too much about anything.

These cars are also popular with people who like to modify or customize their vehicles, which can add to the strong car market for these vehicles. Sellers who have these can generally move them pretty quickly, provided they price them right. While they're not higher-end cars, they're also not in the slowest-selling group, so they generally command a decent price for their size and mileage.
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Selling an Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are among the fastest-selling options for used cars, but only to a certain segment of the population. In other words, not everyone likes the idea of purchasing an electric vehicle and may choose something else instead. Still, for people who want to move away from gasoline-powered vehicles, buying an electric car is the answer.

Sellers who have electric cars will want to make sure they're in good shape, with strong batteries and proper maintenance performed on them. Then they can usually sell them fairly quickly because the market for these types of vehicles is continuing to grow every day.

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