5 Best Practices for When You Sell Your Car Online

Take advantage of the growing popularity of online shopping to sell your car quickly and conveniently. Get the best value for your vehicle with these five sell car online best practices. Upgrade to your dream ride with the cash you need by selling through PrivateAuto.

1. Effective Advertising

Online advertising is an effective way to sell your car. Don’t waste time by parking your car on your property or trading it to a dealer. Selling a vehicle without effective advertising won’t connect you with all the motivated buyers in your area. Less buyers means less competition, which can lead to a lower offer.

Dealerships may offer you a trade-in deal for your vehicle, but this value is rarely the full amount you can receive for your vehicle. Online advertising is an efficient way to spread the word and create a buzz around your car.
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2. Accurate Pricing

What’s your car worth? Your vehicle may be worth more than you realize. Use online resources, like Kelley Blue Book, to find out how much your vehicle is worth. A third-party value estimate is a great way to kick off the negotiation process in a safe and efficient way.

Listing your car at the right asking price is a great way to enjoy both a quick sale and a high selling price. Listing too low may give you a quick offer, but you could be losing hundreds or thousands of dollars. A high asking price may leave your car sitting on the market without any interested buyers.

3. Convenient Inspections

Make your car stand out when selling online by preparing it for sale. Be sure all major mechanical issues are dealt with and clean up the interior and exterior. A little washing and cleaning can make a major impact on the value of your vehicle.

Once you list it, be sure you have a convenient way for your potential buyers to test out your vehicle. Look for a secure selling platform to communicate with buyers and schedule inspections, test drives and more.
5 Best Practices for When You Sell Your Car Online

4. Simple Document Uploading

Selling your car requires a number of important documents. You’ll need to gather these documents before you list your vehicle online:

Driver’s license
Proof of sales
Vehicle history report
Concerned about collecting all the necessary paperwork before you sign over your car? List it on PrivateAuto for easy uploading and electronic signing of all the documents you need for a legal sale.
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5. Fast, Secure Closing

Learn how PrivateAuto helps buyers and sellers verify funds and ensure a safe transaction. Close quickly to receive the cash you need for your dream ride or your next project.