The simple and secure way to buy/sell your car privately.

Listing fee
Per listing, access the best tools to sell your car privately.

  • Free renewals
  • Vehicle history report
  • Vehicle value report
  • QR code window brochure
  • Test drive scheduler
  • Verified buyer preferences
  • Secure chat
Only pay if your car sells
Closing fee
The safe and simple way to close the sale on your own.

  • Buyer & seller ID verification
  • Offer accept/reject/counter
  • Verified buyer funds
  • E-sign the bill of sale
  • PrivateAuto Pay
  • Instant money transfer P2P
  • Available 24/7/365
  • No commission or transaction fees
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*Disclaimer: Account services are provided by USALLIANCE Financial, a licensed and insured banking institution. PrivateAuto does not facilitate or handle any funds throughout the transaction. All funds in custody of USALLIANCE. Buyer financing may require additional fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does my listing stay active?

Your listing stays active for 90 days or until sold. Once you reach the 90 day period, you will have 30 days to renew free of charge. Once the 30 day renewal grace period is over, your listing will have expired and you would need to pay in order to list your vehicle again.

Does my listing include a vehicle history report?

Does it cost me anything to renew my listing?

Does PrivateAuto take a percentage of each car sale?

Can I list ATV's, boats, RV's and motorcycles on PrivateAuto?

Can I edit a listing?

Can I share my listing on other listing sites?

What if my car doesn't sell through PrivateAuto, will I still be charged the closing fee?

When will the closing fee be charged?

Can I split the listing fee with the buyer?