New Financing Option Lets Buyers Apply for a Car Loan in the PrivateAuto App

We’ve just released our vehicle financing integration. For the first time ever, buyers of private-party vehicles can secure a used car loan, shop for used cars, and pay for the car on a single platform.

As the world’s first truly transactional marketplace for vehicles, PrivateAuto enables the deal end-to-end. And now, with financing available right in our mobile app, your buying options are expanded even more.

Here’s how the process works:

1. Shop used cars for sale by owner and find one you want to buy
2. Apply for financing and get approved
3. Close the deal and pay using PrivateAuto Pay
4. Enjoy your new-to-you car!
When you get approved for a loan, funds will show up in your PrivateAuto Pay account in as little as two business days. PrivateAuto Pay then enables instant and fee-free funds transfer up to $1M when you close the deal—regardless of the funding source.

Why It Matters

Car loans have always been clunky for private-party purchases. Buyers have needed to coordinate between a private seller, a bank, and (in some cases) an escrow company. It’s a time-consuming and inconvenient process. PrivateAuto changes all that.

PrivateAuto gives you everything you need to get the deal done. We package it all into one convenient app and streamline the transaction workflow.

Marketplace: shop for used cars (or list your car for sale)
Financing: get a used car loan
Messaging: secure in-app messaging keeps your personal info safe
Scheduling: arrange the test drive with our in-app scheduling feature
Escrow: PrivateAuto Pay gives you escrow-like safeguards (and it’s free)
Payments: Once your PrivateAuto Pay account is funded, you can send up to $1M free and instantaneously, 24/7/365
Signing: electronically sign an official bill of sale in our mobile app

We make private-party car transactions easy and intuitive. Our financing integration is the latest step to enabling every aspect of a private-party transaction.