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Trade In Or Sell Your Car: PrivateAuto Vs TrueCar

Trade In Or Sell Your Car: PrivateAuto Vs TrueCar

There are a number of competitive platforms to sell or trade in your car, including PrivateAuto and TrueCar. When you want to buy, sell or trade in a car online, TrueCar promises a painless private car trade experience.

  • No haggling over price
  • Trade-in quote
  • A website that’s easy to navigate

But if you want to sell your used car privately online, how does TrueCar compare with PrivateAuto?


TrueCar mostly caters to buyers. Shoppers enter the car they are looking for and get back a price report with a list of nearby dealers.

TrueTrade® and True Cash™ Offer

If you want to sell or trade in your car, TrueCar offers the TrueTrade feature. Access TrueTrade from a computer, tablet or mobile phone and enter your license plate number.

Answer a few questions about the trim, optional equipment and the condition of your car. TrueCar then calculates the value of your car and gives you the True Cash Offer.

TrueCar sends the offer to your email. You take it to a certified dealer to sell or trade in.

Private Party Car Sales

Since you can only sell or trade your car at a dealer through TrueCar, you’ll get the wholesale price. In other words, the dealer buys your car so they can sell it for a profit.

The dealer will make a profit of hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. If you want to get the best price, TrueCar isn’t the way to go.


PrivateAuto doesn’t have a private car trade feature, but it does make it easy to work with verified buyers and sell your car for a competitive price. Explore the key features of this online listing platform to see how you can earn more for your ride.

Premium Features

PrivateAuto is much more than a listing service, it is the only self-service solution to close the deal on your own. Your listing includes an offer management tool so you can accept or reject offers and make counteroffers. You can schedule a vehicle inspection and test drives with PrivateAuto at no extra cost. Follow these steps to sell a car privately with PrivateAuto.

Printable Window Brochure

Your car listing on PrivateAuto includes a free printable window brochure. Print it out and leave it on the dashboard so that it’s visible from the outside.

You can also tape it to the inside of a window with the printed side facing out. Just be sure to place it so that it doesn’t block your view while driving. Window brochures may seem like an outdated way to sell your car, but these come with a QR code to access your full PrivateAuto listing easily.

Verify Phone Number, Email and Driver’s License

Choose PrivateAuto to only receive offers from verified buyers. PrivateAuto verifies contact information, driver’s licenses, and funds to keep you safe as you sell your ride.

State-Specific Documents

When you advertise on PrivateAuto, you get instant access to documents required in your state.

And when you close the deal, you and your buyer can electronically sign over the title and other documents.

Premium Features

Here are a few other premium features included with your PrivateAuto account that make your sale as easy and smooth as possible:

  • Post quality photos of your vehicle
  • Includes a vehicle history report
  • Transfer guaranteed buyer funds to your bank account
  • Pre-qualify your prospects - verify that they have the funds to buy your car
  • Get payment status updates
  • Email and chat support

Choose PrivateAuto to Sell Your Car

TrueCar is the one to choose if you’re looking for one or more of the following private car trade features:

  • You don’t care about getting the best price for your car
  • You want to get rid of your car quickly
  • You get an instant offer for your car which you can only redeem at a certified dealer

PrivateAuto is the clear choice for the private seller market.

  • Sell securely with an app that allows you to verify funds, safely transfer money, and more
  • Printable window brochure with QR code
  • Avoid scammers with verified email, phone numbers, and driver’s license
  • Accept, reject and counter offers
  • Schedule inspection and test drives
  • Sign state-specific bill of sale and other documents from the app

Ready to sell your car safely? List your car today with PrivateAuto to connect with verified buyers with a technology-driven solution.