The Cars That Hold Their Value in 2021

The Cars That Hold Their Value in 2021

Sometimes, people buy cars they like, but they don't really put a lot of thought into what they can do with the car when they want to sell it. In those cases, these cars aren't necessarily a good investment. Before you sell your car, it's important to understand what it's really worth — and to be aware of the cars that hold their value best, so you can plan for the future of your vehicle.

Toyota Camry

It's not surprising that the Toyota Camry made this list. Toyota has had a reputation for quality and value for many years, and these strong-running vehicles are often on the road long after many of their counterparts from other brands have failed. The Camry is also a good choice for a car that's luxurious without being highly-priced, and for a vehicle that has enough room while still being easy to drive and maneuver. All of those things together make the Camry one of the vehicles that holds its value well.

Gray Toyota Camry parked in a dark loading dock.

Subaru Impreza

Like Toyota, Subaru has a reputation for quality. The manufacturer makes vehicles that stay on the road for a long time, and that can handle a lot of miles being put on them before they've had enough and need to be repaired or replaced. For that reason, the Impreza is among the best vehicles to have when you're looking for cars with the best resale value. You can expect to get a better return on your investment from a Subaru when you sell it at a later date and purchase something else. That's a good feeling to have, overall.

White Subaru Impreza parked in front of a lake.

Chevrolet Corvette

The Corvette is iconic, and the newest models have as much power and luxury as anyone would ever need. Because of their popularity, and because they have a lot to offer any sports car enthusiast, these cars tend to keep a strong level of value as they age. Owners of these great cars know that they can get a lot from their cars if they ever decide to sell them, with many of the older models being worth much more than their original price. Buying a Corvette can be very enjoyable, but it may also be an investment in good resale.

Gray Chevrolet Corvette parked on the side of the road

Toyota Rav4 Hybrid

Hybrid vehicles are becoming much more popular today, and when a hybrid is combined with the Toyota reputation and the convenience of a smaller SUV, it's a winning combination. Like many other vehicles from the same company, and like a lot of hybrids, the Toyota Rav4 Hybrid holds its value very well. It provides a strong combination of economy and comfort, with plenty of space for family, shopping, and travel. When all of that comes together in one package, it's not surprising that it's one of the cars with the best resale value.

Silver Toyota RAV4 in parking lot.

Subaru Outback

The Outback isn't a large vehicle, but it's definitely roomy and provides plenty of space for people and luggage. That makes it a great choice for traveling for the day or across the country on a great adventure. There's so much that Subaru makes that people really like, and owning a Subaru comes with feeling like there's plenty of safety and security to enjoy. Not only do Subaru vehicles tend to run for a long time without problems, but they're durable and they hold up well, even in more rugged conditions or with heavy use.

Subaru Outback on a snowy trail

GMC Yukon

For people who're looking at a bigger vehicle, like a full-size SUV, the GMC Yukon is one of the best choices for retaining its value over time. People like the Yukon for its comfort and luxury, and for the number of people and amount of luggage it can easily hold. When you want a bigger SUV and you're looking to have plenty of space, the Yukon fits the bill. It also has a good reputation for quality and reliability, as well, which means it's easier than ever to enjoy its benefits and the resale value it will offer to you in the future.

Crimson GMC Yukon parked on snowy road with mountains in the background

Subaru Crosstrek

Like the Outback, the Subaru Crosstrek is another great vehicle from a trusted company. The Crosstrek is one of the best options for people who want a smaller vehicle, but who still want to keep the Subaru name. Anyone who's looking for that combination really can't go wrong with this choice. Because of the reputation the company has for quality, this is a popular choice for a vehicle. Also, the Crosstrek provides luxury and affordability in a smaller vehicle that's easy to handle but still has plenty of room, and that's a winning combination for many people.

Orange Subaru Crosstrek parked in a parking lot.

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