How To Sell My Car In Wyoming

How To Sell My Car In Wyoming

If you want to sell your car in Wyoming, there are some state-specific rules you should know about. This guide will take you through the steps.

Step 1 - Gather Documents

Certificate of Title

Complete the Assignment of Ownership on the back of the certificate.

  • Buyer name and address.
  • Odometer statement.
  • Date of sale.
  • Signatures of you and the buyer.

You will need to have it notarized.

Bill of Sale

Wyoming law doesn’t require a bill of sale for car sales. But it’s still a good idea to provide one. It can help you both if any legal or tax issues come up.

Keep a copy for your records.

Your PrivateAuto listing includes a bill of sale and Wyoming forms you can complete and sign straight from the app.

Vehicle History Report

Show that you’re a trustworthy seller with a vehicle history report. We recommend AutoCheck, the report with the best value.

Step 2 - Arrange a Test Drive

PrivateAuto gives you access to the test drive scheduling tool.

It even recommends a test drive location.

Pick a place to meet your buyer and select days and times you’re available.

Step 3 - Complete the Deal

Remove the license plates before you hand over the title and keys. You can transfer them to another car you own within 45 days.


No one makes it easier to sell your car than PrivateAuto. You get dealer-quality services in the palm of your hand.

  • List for free until sold.
  • Keeps your info private.
  • Verifies buyer ID so you can avoid scams.
  • Advertise on the road with the printable window brochure.
  • Free inspection and test drive schedulers.
  • State-specific documents you can fill out and sign right on the platform.

Plus, free guides to buying and selling a used car in your state.