How To Sell My Car In Washington

How To Sell My Car In Washington

Washington has its own rules for selling a used car. This handy guide will make selling easier.

Step 1 - Gather Documents

Certificate of Title

Complete the Assignment by Registered Owner section on the title. It’s at the bottom of the front side of the certificate.

  • Odometer reading without tenths.
  • Transfer date.
  • Your name, signature, and address.
  • Buyer’s name, signature, and address.

Bill of Sale

State law requires you to provide a completed Vehicle/Vessel Bill of Sale form TD-420-065. Keep a copy for your records.

Your PrivateAuto listing includes an electronic form TD-420-065 and other state-specific documents. Complete and sign right in the app.

Vehicle History Report

It’s the buyer’s responsibility to research the car’s history.

But you can earn the buyer’s trust by providing a vehicle history report. AutoCheck, PrivateAuto’s trusted partner, delivers the best value for the money.

Step 2 - Arrange a Test Drive

There’s no need to have strangers come to your house for a test drive. The PrivateAuto test drive scheduler will suggest a place to meet.

And you can skip the endless back-and-forth texts, calls, and emails.

You only need to choose the location and times that you’re available.

Step 3 - Complete the Sale

Remove the license plates before completing the sale. You can transfer them to another vehicle that you own.

You’ll need to file a report of sale with the Department of Licensing within 5 days. This protects you from any liabilities the new owner incurs. You’ll need to pay a fee of $13.50.


When you sell your car with PrivateAuto, you get dealer-quality services in the palm of your hand.

  • Advertise your car until sold.
  • Keeps your info private.
  • Free window brochure so you can advertise on the road.
  • Verifies buyer phone number, email, and driver’s license.
  • Free test drive and inspection scheduling tools.

Plus, free guides to buying and selling a used car in your state.