How To Sell My Car In Vermont

How To Sell My Car In Vermont

Here’s a handy guide to selling your car in Vermont from the team at PrivateAuto.

Step 1 - Gather Documents

Certificate of Title

Complete the Reassignment of Ownership section on the back of the certificate.

  • Buyer name and address.
  • Selling price.
  • Date of sale.
  • Odometer disclosure.
  • Buyer’s signature.
  • Your signature.

Bill of Sale

Vermont requires you to provide a Bill of Sale and Odometer Disclosure (form VT-005).

Keep a copy for yourself. It can help with any tax or legal issues later on.

When you sell with PrivateAuto, you get an electronic bill of sale form and state-specific documents you need. You can fill them out and sign right in the app.

Vehicle History Report

It’s up to the buyer to research the car’s history. You could show yourself a trustworthy seller by providing the report for them. We recommend AutoCheck, the best value for the money.

Step 2 - Arrange a Test Drive

Setting up a test drive can lead to endless phone calls and texts. Use PrivateAuto’s test drive scheduler instead.

Just choose a place to meet your buyer and select days and times you’re available.

Step 3 - Complete the Sale

Remove the license plates before finalizing the sale.

The buyer will need to:


It’s easy to sell your car With PrivateAuto. You get dealer-like services in the palm of your hand.

  • List your car for free until it’s sold.
  • Free window brochure so you can advertise while you’re on the road.
  • Verifies buyer identity so you can avoid scams.
  • Easy to manage and respond to offers.
  • Free inspection and test drive schedulers.
  • Ready-to-sign state-specific electronic documents.

Plus, you get free tips for buying and selling a used car in your state.