How To Sell My Car In South Dakota

How To Sell My Car In South Dakota

South Dakota has its own rules for selling a used car. This handy guide will make the process simpler.

Step 1 - Gather Documents

Certificate of Title

Complete the back of the certificate.

  • Date of sale.
  • Selling price.
  • Odometer disclosure (less than 10 years old).
  • Damage disclosure (less than 7 years old).
  • Your hand-printed name, signature, and address.
  • Buyer’s hand-printed name and signature.

Bill of Sale

South Dakota requires you to provide a bill of sale.

Keep a copy for yourself. It’s legal proof of transfer of ownership.

Your PrivateAuto listing includes an electronic bill of sale form and state-specific documents. Complete them and sign right in the app.

Vehicle History Report

You can show that you’re a trustworthy seller when you provide a vehicle history report. PivateAuto’s trusted partner, AutoCheck, offers the best value for the money.

Step 2 - Arrange a Test Drive

When setting up a test drive, it can lead to seemingly endless calls, texts, and emails.

But there’s a better way. Use PrivateAuto’s test drive scheduler instead.

Choose a place to meet and select days and times you’re available.

Step 3 - Complete the Sale

If you can, finalize the sale at a county treasurer's office. It’s the best way to make sure you meet all the requirements.

You’ll need to complete the Seller’s Report of sale within 15 days. It’s a good idea to do it right away. That way you’re not held liable if the new owner…

  • Uses the car in a crime.
  • Abandons the car.
  • Is in an accident.


No one makes it easier to sell your car in South Dakota than PrivateAuto.

  • Advertise your car until sold.
  • Verifies buyer ID so you can avoid scams.
  • Easy to manage and respond to offers.
  • Schedule test drives.
  • Free window brochure so you can advertise on the road.

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