How To Sell My Car In Montana

How To Sell My Car In Montana

Here are some helpful tips from the PrivateAuto team for selling your car in Montana.

Step 1 - Collect the Documents

Certificate of Title

Complete the Assignment of Title section on the back of the title.

  • Buyer’s name and address.
  • Selling Price.
  • Date.
  • Odometer disclosure (cars less than 10 years old).
  • Your signature and buyer’s signature.

If you need to replace a lost or damaged title, apply for it at your county treasurer’s office.

Bill of Sale

A bill of sale is optional in Montana. A photocopy of the title reassignment section is enough for proof of the sale.

It’s still a good idea to have a bill of sale as a legal record of the sale.

Your PrivateAuto listing includes a bill of sale you can complete within the app.

Vehicle History Report

You can reassure your buyer of the quality of the car with a vehicle history report.

The report reveals possible thefts, accidents, damage from storms or fire, and other important events. The car’s maintenance records are often part of the report as well.

PrivateAuto now partners with AutoCheck, the best value in a vehicle history report.

Step 2 - Arrange a Test Drive

You can use the PrivateAuto test drive scheduler to set up a test drive.

Choose where you want to meet buyers, and select times you’re available.

Step 3 - Finalize the Sale

Remove the license plates before you complete the sale. If you don’t you might be held liable if the new owner gets a ticket or is in an accident.

When it’s time to collect the payment, you can securely transfer payment with the PrivateAuto platform.


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