Step1 - Prepare Documents

Certificate of Title

Complete the Assignment of Title.

  • Date of sale.
  • Sales price.
  • Odometer disclosure (cars 10 years old or less).
  • Damage disclosure (cars less than 6 years old).
  • Buyer’s name, date of birth, address, and signature.

If you lost the title or it’s damaged, you can apply for a duplicate title from Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS).

You will need to clear any liens before selling and attach the lien release card.

Bill of Sale

A bill of sale isn’t required in Minnesota but it’s a good idea to have one. It protects you if the new owner fails to register the car or abandons it.

When you sell with PrivateAuto, you get a bill of sale that you can complete right from the app.

Vehicle History Report

You can present yourself as a trustworthy seller by providing buyers with a vehicle history report.

PrivateAuto now partners with AutoCheck, the best value in a history report. It’s included with a Premium listing.

Step 2 - Schedule a Test Drive

PrivateAuto gives you access to an exclusive test drive scheduling tool.

Choose where you want to meet potential buyers and pick times when you are available.

Step 3- Complete the Sale

It’s best if you and the buyer go to a Minnesota Deputy Registrar Office together to complete the sale. If that’s not possible, make sure you submit a Report of Sale.

Unless you have personalized license plates, make sure the plates remain with the vehicle. License plates and registration taxes are transferred and assigned to the buyer.

When you sell with PrivateAuto Premium, you can verify the buyer has the funds to pay and securely transfer them to your account.


When you sell your car in Minnesota, no one makes it easier than PrivateAuto.

  • Keeps your private info safe.
  • Secure banking platform lets you receive payment safely.
  • State-specific documents you can complete straight from the app.
  • Everything you need to close the sale.

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