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How To Sell My Car In Georgia

Here are the important things to know about selling your car in Georgia.

Documents Needed To Sell Your Car In Georgia

Certificate of Title

Complete the Assignment of Certificate of Title on the reverse side of the title:

  • Buyer full legal name and address.
  • Date of sale.
  • Odometer disclosure.
  • Your printed name and signature.
  • The buyer’s printed name and signature.

Odometer Statement

Complete the odometer disclosure on the back of the title. Automobiles older than 10 years are exempt.

If there’s no room on the title, you and the buyer must complete the Federal Odometer Disclosure Statement.

Registering a Vehicle To a New Owner In Georgia

You can cancel your registration online or by completing the form MV-18J and submitting it to your home county’s tax office.

The buyer can apply for a title and transfer of plate at his or her home county tax office.

Bill of Sale

Georgia doesn’t require a bill of sale. It’s still a good idea that you and the buyer have a legal record of the transaction.

PrivateAuto includes a bill of sale with your vehicle listing.

Vehicle History Report

While it’s the buyer’s responsibility to research the car’s history, you can present yourself as a trustworthy seller by providing a history report.

A vehicle history report is included when you sell with PrivateAuto.

Georgia License Plates

Georgia requires you to remove the license plates when you sell your car. You can transfer them to another car you own or return them to your county's tax office.


Your listing on PrivateAuto includes documents specific to Georgia. Vehicle history report included.

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