How To Sell My Car In Alabama

How To Sell My Car In Alabama

Here is what you should know about selling your car in Alabama.

Documents You Need To Sell Your Car In Alabama

Certificate of Title

In many cases, the title is all you need to sell your car in Alabama.

Complete the following:

  • Buyer name and address.
  • Buyer signature.
  • Signature of all sellers. If there’s more than one owner, all must sign.
  • Odometer disclosure.
  • Rebuilt from salvage disclosure if needed.

Odometer Statement

Federal law requires both you and the buyer to complete the Conforming Odometer Statement on the back of the title.

If there’s no room on the title, you and the buyer must complete the Federal Odometer Statement.

Bill of Sale

A bill of sale isn’t required in all counties. It provides you and the buyer legal documentation of the exchange, so it’s good to have even if your county doesn’t require it.

How To Replace a Lost Title in Alabama

You can get a duplicate title online. There’s a $15 non-refundable fee.

You can also apply in person through:

  • County license plate issuing officials.
  • Alabama licensed car dealers.
  • Banks, credit unions and other financial institutions.

Vehicle History Report

Although it’s up to the seller to get the vehicle history report, you can present yourself as a trustworthy seller if you obtain the report.

When you sell your car with PrivateAuto Premium, you get a vehicle history report at no extra cost.

How To Register a Car To a New Owner in Alabama

Alabama requires that you keep the license plates when you sell your car. Remove them before you hand over the keys and the title.

If you want to register your plates to a new car, visit an Alabama Department of Revenue office.

The buyer will need to register the car with the Alabama Department of Revenue.


When you sell your car in Alabama, your listing on PrivateAuto includes state-specific documents. You'll also get a vehicle history report included.