Custom Car Clubs in Utah to Check Out

Custom Car Clubs in Utah to Check Out

Ever wanted to join a custom car club? Whether you want the camaraderie of like-minded car enthusiasts or you just want to show off your wheels, the custom car groups in Utah could be just what you're looking for. Here, we delve into exactly what car clubs are, why you should join, and where you can find one in Utah.

What Are Car Clubs?

Car clubs are communities of car enthusiasts sharing common interests — in a specific type of car, manufacturer, decade, and more. Those broken down by type of car can include manufacturer appreciation, muscle, classic, and sports car clubs. Members often gather to share and discuss favorite cars with others in their nearby area. Often, these clubs offer regular events and meetings on specific topics. Other times, the club just has a show-off day so you can parade your pride.

Why You Should Join a Car Club in Utah

Well, there are many reasons. Here are our top reasons:

Venue Access

Car club events often take place at great venues, such as Eaglewood Event Center and Stansbury Park. In addition to the beauty of the event, you can also rub elbows with other car enthusiasts, exchange ideas, and learn how to improve your cars. Custom car clubs get you into the really sweet car shows, too. This is perfect if you enjoy seeing a wide array of classic cars out there still running — showing off yours in the meantime is a bonus! But best of all, this presents you with some of the cars you've probably always wanted to ask about or see with none of the pressure you might feel approaching a stranger in, say, a department store parking lot.


Did we mention rubbing elbows? Car clubs are great places to socialize with like-minded individuals. People of all walks of life who share cars as a passion can meet others like themselves, exchange info, and get to know each other. If you're new to Salt Lake City, this is a great way to meet new people. Your mutual love of cars can help you make new friends, open the door to job opportunities if you're looking, or help you sell one of your cars.

Chance to Learn More About Cars...

Maybe you're new to a specific car or make. Car clubs in Utah are great places to learn about all types of cars — including your own. You'll meet others who might own the same make, model, and/or year as you. Plus, a lot of custom car clubs in Utah partner with dealerships and other local businesses for parades, car shows, and meet-and-greets. You may even find a local mechanic at a Q&A night or find your next car.

…or Teach Others What You Know

You might be new to custom car clubs in Utah, but maybe you're not new to cars. Maybe you're a mechanic? Joining a custom car club offers you the chance to help others by imparting your unique knowledge about different makes and models. It's your chance to shine as the knowledgeable one!

Insurance and Parts Deals

Now, this depends on the individual club you join, but some clubs offer insurance discounts and parts deals. Some clubs that partner with dealerships even offer new vehicle purchase discounts and special service rates for vehicle servicing. Your welcome package from your Utah car club will have all the information you need to take advantage of special perks like these.

Opportunity to Be Philanthropic

As mentioned above, a lot of car clubs around the nation have partnerships with local dealerships and businesses. Some also partner with local charities, schools, animal shelters, and hospitals. Being a member of a custom car club in Utah means you have the opportunity to give back to your community, whether by donation or volunteering.

Top Custom Car Clubs in Utah

Here's our shortlist of the best custom car clubs in the state:

Bonneville Classic Chevy Club

This club was founded in 1980 and meets on the second Thursday of every month. If you're interested in membership and have a 1956, 1957, or 1958 Chevy (or even just an interest in restoration), contact club president, Joe Anderson, at There's no fee to join.

Bonneville Corvair Club

Though their website doesn't tell the year this organization first started, it's clear they love the Corvair! They offer events throughout the year, and they meet on the first Wednesday of every month. All you need to join BCC is a Corvair or a love of this iconic vehicle. The fee to join is an annual dues payment of $15, but first-year members are free.

South Side Street Rods

Founded in 2007, this open club focuses on street hot rods. There are no set meetings each month. Club President Carl Thompson's only requirement for joining the SSSR is that you "have a running car or truck." Reach out to the SSSR at 801.898.8041 to request membership. There is no fee to join.

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801 Muscle Cars

There's no specific head of this custom car club focused on American muscle cars. They opened the club back in 2012. The only requirement to join is a genuine love for muscle cars. Joining is as simple as liking their page and showing up at an event. There is no specific meeting schedule, but members tend to meet up at area car shows year round. Sometimes, they schedule racing events to put your muscle car to the test. To reach out, send the club a message in the group page. There's no fee to join.

Utah Chapter of the Vintage Motor Car Club of America

This club prides itself on helping join like-minded individuals and owners of classic cars throughout Utah. They tour the state throughout the summer, and during the winter the club has monthly meetings to keep members engaged. To join, contact the club at

Annual shows and festivals that include car shows in Utah include:

Have fun!

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