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License plate
A valid VIN or License plate is required to list your car on PrivateAuto. Learn more
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Listing fee
Per listing, access the best tools to sell your car privately.

  • Free renewals
  • Vehicle history report
  • Vehicle value report
  • QR code window brochure
  • Test drive scheduler
  • Verified buyer preferences
  • Secure chat
Only pay if your car sells
Closing fee
The safe and simple way to close the sale on your own.

  • Buyer & seller ID verification
  • Offer accept/reject/counter
  • Verified buyer funds
  • E-sign the bill of sale
  • PrivateAuto Pay
  • Instant money transfer P2P
  • Available 24/7/365
  • No commission or transaction fees
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*Disclaimer: Account services are provided by USALLIANCE Financial, a licensed and insured banking institution. PrivateAuto does not facilitate or handle any funds throughout the transaction. All funds in custody of USALLIANCE. Buyer financing may require additional fees.