Carvana is an online car buying and selling experience that's advertised as a fast and efficient shopping experience. If you're looking to sell your vehicle and don't want the hassle of visiting a dealership, then this company may seem like a competitive option. Review these four things you should know about the process before accepting a Carvana car offer.

1. Carvana Offers Cover Sale and Trade-in Options

When you try to sell or trade-in your vehicle to a dealership, you can expect the representative to haggle you throughout the process. Not all dealers are aggressive about this process, but you still need to haggle and negotiate your vehicle's cash offer or trade-in value.

Carvana delivers an instant offer for cash or the vehicle's trade-in value. This instant offer is designed to be competitive and based on your car's VIN, odometer reading, and a few other factors.

Like a used car dealership, one of the benefits of choosing this online service is the hassle-free sales experience. You won't have to create a listing, work with a buyer to meet for a test drive, or worry about buyer scams.

This may make selling on Carvana's website a more convenient sales experience than selling on Craigslist, but you may not receive the full value for your vehicle. Carvana offers buyers a competitive price and a money-back guarantee, but as a seller, you may not receive the full value you could list your vehicle for as a private sale.

2. You Can Schedule a Pick Up or Drop Off

Both trade-in and sales of used vehicles on Carvana can be touchless and safe. When you enter your car information online and agree to sell to Carvana, you can schedule a vehicle pick up at your home or drop off your vehicle at a car vending machine. These vending machine locations make it easy to swap your old vehicle for a new purchase.

This experience is very convenient for selling your ride without the hassle of visiting a dealership or scheduling test drive meet-ups at your home. There are, however, other options that still keep you safe and help you easily sell your vehicle. Listing on a private sale platform, for example, can help match you with verified buyers and schedule test drives in secure locations.

Without a nearby Carvana vending machine, you'll need to schedule a pick up at your home. This sends a professional car delivery team to your home rather than a private buyer but still gives out your location to others.

3. Carvana Doesn't Offer a Price Match

Carvana offers quick and convenient quotes for trade-ins and sales but won't offer a price match. Your vehicle sale must go through a 150-point inspection for Carvana to provide buyers with a warranty on their purchase. Carvana needs to purchase your vehicle at a profit between this and other operating costs.

Classic cars, custom cars, and junkers all have a wide range of values that aren't easy to calculate by just entering the VIN and answering some basic questions. This can not only prevent you from receiving the best price for your car, but it can also make it difficult to sell unusual rides. You may have a better idea of the value of your vehicle, so consider using a private listing platform to request the true value for your unique ride.

You deserve the best price for your used vehicle. New car and used car prices can vary, so be confident you're getting the best value for your vehicle. If you aren't happy with the Carvana car quote, then don't settle for less than your vehicle is worth.

4. A Private Sale Puts You in the Driver's Seat

The private car sales experience doesn't have to be stressful. Stay in the driver's seat and set your own rate for your used vehicle when you sell your car privately.

A private sale requires you to list your vehicle, negotiate the rate, schedule a test drive, accept an offer and sign the title. Find competitive car prices and streamline the car sales experience with a trusted, technology-driven solution.

If you're hesitant to try to schedule your own car sale while avoiding scams and buyer fraud, then you need a trusted platform to help you navigate the process. PrivateAuto offers a number of services to make the private sale experience fast and efficient:

  • Verified buyer information
  • Communication channel without giving out your private number or social media information
  • Convenient listing with your vehicle details to share across listing platforms and social media accounts
  • Verified funds for a safe transaction process and direct deposit with PrivateAuto EZpay

From the latest vehicle to a classic ride, create a listing that's personalized and highlights the key selling points of your automotive investment.

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