Is There a 30-Day Warranty on Used Cars?

Is There a 30-Day Warranty on Used Cars?

If you're considering a used car purchase, you might wonder, "Is there a 30-day warranty on used cars?" New vehicle purchases are always covered by some type of warranty, and these are helpful in the event the car needs repairs down the road.

Used vehicles, on the other hand, unfortunately don't always come with coverage. If a seller offers some type of warranty, it's important to understand what the warranty covers and if it requires an additional payment on top of the cost of the vehicle.

There are different types of used car warranties and they're offered by both manufacturers and dealerships. When buying a used car from a private seller, it may or may not come with a warranty.

Let's look at some of the most important things you should know when it comes to used car warranties.

Review Your Buyer's Guide for Coverage Details

If you buy your used car at a dealership, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires them to provide you with a Buyer's Guide. They must display it in all used cars on their lot. This is the form you see taped to the window with vehicle information.

This printout clearly shows the warranty status of the vehicle. If the Buyer's Guide states "As-is – No Warranty" that means you have no recourse if you purchase that vehicle and you have any issues after driving away from the lot. Should the dealership provide a warranty, the Buyer's Guide will depict the percentage the dealership is prepared to pay in the event the car needs repairs.

Many states have strict rules regarding vehicles that can be sold in "As-is – No warranty" status. For example, if the asking price on a used car is above a certain threshold, as-is sales may not be allowed. Some states mandate various disclosures in the Buyer's Guide for as-is sales.

Warranties and Private Party Sales

A private seller isn't usually required to provide a warranty or a Buyer's Guide. While there are times a warranty may be implied in a private sale, it's not a good idea to rely on it. A written contract specifying the agreed-upon coverage is necessary.

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Check If There's Still a Manufacturer's Warranty

Sometimes, a manufacturer's warranty is still applicable in a used car sale. This information is available in the section titled "Systems Covered/Duration" in your Buyer's Guide.

One of the most important aspects of warranty coverage is transferability. For valid coverage, you need a copy of the car's actual warranty documents. Review the coverage offered, the expiration date or absolute mileage, and contact the car's manufacturer for verification.

Manufacturer's warranties normally cover the first three years of a vehicle's life or its first 36,000 miles. Powertrain warranties can offer longer coverage.


Is an Extended Warranty Worth the Cost?

If you've wondered, "Is there a 30-day warranty on used cars?", you've likely considered an extended warranty. Buying an extended warranty can have benefits beyond the coverage currently offered, if there is any.

Extended car warranties are also known as service contracts. A service contract offered by a dealership covers performance or payment for specific repairs to the vehicle or services it may need. The dealership offers this coverage for an additional payment. But, is this extra cost actually worth it? Consider the following.


If you're considering an extended warranty, first determine if any of the vehicle's original coverage, such as bumper-to-bumper warranties or powertrain protections, are transferable upon purchase. If this coverage is transferable, for how long and for how many more miles?

Repair Shop Restrictions

Read the extended warranty carefully before you buy it. Some service contracts stipulate that repairs and maintenance must be performed at the dealership that originally sold the car. If you already have a trusted mechanic, this may not be beneficial for you.

Extended Warranty Cost vs. Common Repair Costs

Extended warranties offer peace of mind, but they can also be quite expensive. Some service contracts can cost up to $3,000 upfront. Get the warranty quote, determine how much usual repairs and normal maintenance cost, and decide if an extended warranty is in your best interest.

Average Dependability of the Vehicle

Research the average lifespan and dependability of the car you're thinking about buying. If this vehicle has a bad track record for frequent issues or breakdowns, extra coverage might be beneficial.

Finding Your Next Used Vehicle

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