How To Sell My Car In Florida

How To Sell My Car In Florida

Here are some guidelines for selling your car in Florida.

Documents Needed To Sell Your Car In Florida

Certificate of Title

Complete the reverse side of the title:

  • Buyer name and address.
  • Buyer signature.
  • Your signature
  • Odometer disclosure if the car is less than 10 years old.
  • Rebuilt from salvage disclosure if needed.

Vin Inspection

If you’re selling a car that was never titled in Florida, you need to complete the Vehicle Identification Number and Odometer Verification. You’ll need to get verification from one of the following:

  • Florida FLHSMV compliance examiner/officer
  • Licensed Florida motor vehicle dealer
  • Florida notary public
  • Law enforcement officer

Odometer Statement

Complete the Conforming Odometer Statement on the back of the title. Automobiles older than 10 years are exempt.

If there’s no room on the title, you and the buyer must complete the Federal Odometer Disclosure Statement.

Notice of Transfer of Ownership

Florida requires you to file a Notice of Sale. It releases you from liability if the car is:

  • Used in a crime.
  • In an accident.
  • Abandoned.
  • Ticketed.

Bill of Sale

Florida doesn’t require a bill of sale. It’s still a good idea to have one so that you and the buyer have a legal record.

PrivateAuto includes a bill of sale with a vehicle listing.

Vehicle History Report

By offering to provide a vehicle history report, you present yourself as a trustworthy seller.

When you sell your car with PrivateAuto Premium, you get a vehicle history report at no extra cost.

Florida License Plates

Florida requires you to remove the license plates from a sold automobile. You may transfer the plates to another vehicle you own or you can turn them in to a motor vehicle service center.


PrivateAuto gives you everything you need to sell your car in Florida.

  • State-specific documents.
  • Inspection and test drive scheduler.
  • Vehicle history report.
  • Securely verify, transfer, and track funds.

You get dealer-like services in the palm of your hand.

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