CarGurus Pay vs. PrivateAuto

CarGurus Pay vs. PrivateAuto

When it comes to buying or selling a car, there are numerous websites you can consider. But you want to find the one that works best for your needs and offers you everything you want in a transaction. It should be safe, reliable, and easy to use. The ideal site will generally also provide you with an experience that includes everything to complete the transaction, so you don't have to worry about handling things on your own.

Here's a competitor comparison between PrivateAuto and CarGurus Pay. It's important to remember that this only focuses on CarGurus Pay, not the listing side of CarGurus. Since PrivateAuto is much more than a listing site, it's not fair to compare it with a standard site that's only for listing vehicles. CarGurus Pay is more than just listings, and it provides many of the same features as PrivateAuto.

However, it's also important to note that the two aren't the same. While they both have benefits, and there are pros and cons to everything, it's valuable to provide an honest review of the two sites as they are. A comparison isn't designed to attack one site over another. It's made to show anyone who's interested that there's a reason to look at the two sites and decide which one to use. Here's what to know.

What CarGurus Pay Has to Offer – and One Missing Piece

For anyone considering using CarGurus Pay for their vehicle transaction, there are several areas to consider. For example, the main features of this site are that they offer benefits such as verified funds and a bill of sale, along with secure, online payment. Those are highly valuable, since anyone who's buying a car online needs to be able to purchase it in a way that is valid and legal.

Sellers also need these benefits, because they don't want to risk not getting paid or have other kinds of problems with the transaction. Buyers and sellers both need a site they can rely on, and CarGurus Pay delivers on most of the things people need for their vehicle transactions. But there's a downside to using this service, in that it's missing a feature that could be very important for some sales.

CarGurus Pay doesn't have the option to complete a sale where the buyer requires financing. That can be a big problem for people buying more expensive cars, or for those who need financing on a more moderately priced vehicle. The site can complete most transactions, but it's not possible to get a vehicle from them if you're a buyer and need to finance. That can be frustrating, especially if you find just the right car.

It's also a frustration for sellers, since they may think they have a deal with a buyer and then find out that the buyer has to look for bank financing elsewhere. That's not always an easy task for a used car buyer, especially if they're located in another state or have financial concerns that can keep them from getting a vehicle loan. Sellers will then have to wait for another buyer, and buyers will need to look for another vehicle.

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What PrivateAuto Has to Offer – and a Complete Transaction Experience

PrivateAuto offers all the same benefits as CarGurus Pay, with one big difference. The platform also works with lenders to offer financing to buyers. That means a buyer for a car on the site won't have to go elsewhere to look for a lender. While PrivateAuto doesn't finance buyers, their connection with lenders allows the buyer to apply for financing right from the app, without ever leaving the platform.

That's a great way for the buyer to work with the seller on getting the vehicle they really want, and it also helps the seller feel more confident in the buyer who's interested in their car. While offering financing on the site doesn't guarantee that the buyer will get approved, it does make it much easier for buyers to move through the process and continue to work with the lender and the seller as part of one transaction.

By working with PrivateAuto, you can expect a verified environment for both the buyer and the seller, so everyone knows who they're interacting with. There's also secure communication on the site, so personal contact information isn't disclosed until it's necessary for the completion of the transaction. That helps protect both buyers and sellers from people getting their information easily.

Buyers can make offers easily, and sellers can manage those offers just as easily. Additionally, inspection coordination and test drive options are easy and can be done right through the site. The buyer's funds can be verified in advance of closing the transaction, so sellers have peace of mind when they agree to a sale. They'll know the buyer has the funds to pay for the car they've agreed to sell, at the right price.

State documents are pre-populated and ready for electronic signatures, so there's no guesswork and no need to fill out a bunch of forms. A Bill of Sale and simple transaction receipt will be provided for buyer and seller records, and payment transfers and notifications happen in real-time. There's even a mobile app to walk buyers and sellers through the process. But it's the option for buyer financing that really sets PrivateAuto apart.

Contact PrivateAuto today, and see about buying or selling a car on a platform you can trust, with everything you need all in one place. You won't have to settle for less than an easy and complete transaction when you work with a platform that's got everything handled for you. Sellers have peace of mind with offers, and buyers know they can apply for financing right on the platform, so it's convenient for everyone.