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A valid VIN or License plate is required to list your car on PrivateAuto. Learn more

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Verified users

Driver's license verification. Avoid scams.

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Fully automated

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Feel confident with identity verification

Avoid scammers with email, phone, and drivers license verification, including facial recognition technology. Plus, you never have to give out your contact info; all messaging, offers, and scheduling are done through our app.
Verify your driver's license

Take the guesswork out of the sale

Experience dealer-like services in the palm of your hand. Schedule test drives and conveniently e-sign your Bill of Sale. Want to share important documents with the other party? You can do that too.
E-sign the Bill of Sale via PrivateAuto

Transfer funds anywhere, instantly

PrivateAuto Pay is a direct banking integration that ensures payments are safely transferred without the risks associated with cash or cashier’s checks. Experience escrow-like safeguards without relying on a third party.
Transfer funds anywhere, instantly

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No fees, completely free*
Seller ID verification
AutoCheck history report
Test drive & make offer tools
E-sign the bill of sale
Instantly send Funds
Buyer financing available
No transaction fees
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Pay when activating your listing
Buyer ID verification
AutoCheck history report
Window brochure with QR code
E-sign the bill of sale
Verified buyer funds
Instant secure payment
No transaction fees
*Disclaimer: Account services are provided by USALLIANCE Financial, a licensed and insured banking institution. PrivateAuto does not facilitate or handle any funds throughout the transaction. All funds in custody of USALLIANCE. Buyer financing may require additional fees.
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Forever changing the way used vehicles exchange hands in the parking lot. The only instant and secure payment solution for private vehicle transactions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PrivateAuto
PrivateAuto takes the hassle out of selling and buying vehicles privately! The technology driven, self-service solution to safely communicate, e-sign state documents, and send or receive payments instantly and securely. PrivateAuto is the new way to buy and sell cars for sale by owner.

Verified information and confidential communication gives you the freedom to communicate between two parties without giving out personal contact information. Schedule a test drive, negotiate the price, and exchange payments through a secure online system with PrivateAuto.

Why are private sales better?

How does PrivateAuto help me manage offers?

How does PrivateAuto vet buyers and sellers?

Does PrivateAuto provide the necessary paperwork for a successful transfer of ownership

How secure is the PrivateAuto Pay feature

How much does PrivateAuto cost?

How Is PrivateAuto Different From Other Listing Sites?